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    Personality Bundle Releases

    Love the bundles they're so cute! Great job on the names :)
  2. Aspasia Castellanos

    Count as high as you can until a staff member comes on: 2.0

    LMAO does this put you in the negatives???
  3. Aspasia Castellanos

    House Cup March 2024

    Wooo Congratulations Griffins!!!!
  4. Aspasia Castellanos

    Sanctuary Store Releases

    I love the new releases my fav has def to be the mushroom hat!
  5. Aspasia Castellanos

    Valentine's Day Store Releases

    The heartstorm death effects are amazing :love:
  6. Aspasia Castellanos

    Under Review Mahounoshiro Fan Recolours

    I totally agree with this suggestion adding new variations of colors for these fans would be wonderful!! :heart::heart:
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    [COLOR=rgb(147, 101, 184)]Hello Potterworldians! :giggle: I have released my art store to the...

    [COLOR=rgb(147, 101, 184)]Hello Potterworldians! :giggle: I have released my art store to the public! All commissions on the store are tradeable with Potterworld gold. I have several art options to create your character! From Hogsworth Student IDs, Signatures, and Store Trades we have it all and...
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    Coming Soon - Return to the Enchanted Valley

    the video looks amazing!!
  9. Aspasia Castellanos

    Possible Wand Names Update?

    To be honest I just thought about this.. Hey guys! So I was thinking for the wand name feature, where we can have one custom name preset. I was wondering if having two presets would be possible, because when you change a skin I would rather have two options to choose from than purchasing...
  10. Aspasia Castellanos

    [COLOR=rgb(147, 101, 184)]Hey guys! I made a form where you can check out all the art...

    [COLOR=rgb(147, 101, 184)]Hey guys! I made a form where you can check out all the art commissions I will be doing. Here is a link to my [URL='https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdFJ6W1QasHsRqzs6MeaI7T_kPtZwcqM6106w_tnDmat9TV7g/viewform']Commissions Request[/URL]! There has a link to my...
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    2023 Winter Minigames Tournaments Results

    Congratulations everyone!!
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    Declined Wishing Star Pet

    Hello Potterworld community! I don't know if y'all have seen the new Disney movie Wish yet, if y'all have great! I loved that movie! If you haven't watched it, don't worry I won't spoil anything. The main character of the movie was given a companion a wishing star. I will link a picture with the...
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    2023 Season 4 Arena Champions

    Congratulations everyone!!
  14. Aspasia Castellanos

    House Cup December 2023

    Congratulations Ravens!! :raven:
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    [COLOR=rgb(147, 101, 184)]Congratulations [/COLOR][COLOR=rgb(44, 130...

    [COLOR=rgb(147, 101, 184)]Congratulations [/COLOR][COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]Ravens[/COLOR][COLOR=rgb(147, 101, 184)] on winning the house cup! :raven:[/COLOR]