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  • Heyo! Hope you all had a very merry Christmas! It's always nice spending time with family members or loved ones, or staying up till 3 in the morning watching Christmas movies ;). I'm excited for New Years! I find it crazy how it'll be 2020. I haven't figured out what my resolution is yet, but maybe it'll be along the lines of spending more time with my friends irl and on pw because they're such amazing people and I'm blessed to have met them! :giggle:
    Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It's been a while since I posted something, so I decided why not make a post at 1:02am. :p Anyway, the holiday I'm most excited about is Christmas! Are you excited to celebrate this chilly season? If any of you guys have plans for the holidays, I hope you have fun and enjoy the festivities! I can't wait to wrap myself in a fuzzy blanket, drink hot chocolate with marshmallows, and spend time with important people watch the Polar Express for the 100th time. :giggle::coffee:
    It’s crazy how fast the year has gone! We’re already in October! Soon, it’ll be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas (Or any holiday you celebrate around the fall/winter season). I’m honestly looking forward to Thanksgiving because of no school (lol), but more importantly, I have a lot of things (irl and in game) to be thankful for, like the new friends I’ve made!

    However, I’ll save that for November. Right now, it’s the season to be spoopy! It’s awesome seeing so many players dress up for the season and celebrate Halloween!

    That’s all for today, so I hope that anyone who reads this has a wonderful Sunday!!! ;)
    Have a super splendorous Sunday! If you’re have tough week ahead of you, I know you can power through it! I know this is a hard thing to ask but try not to get too stressed! Being stressed only leads to more stress, and your mind will feel like it’s everywhere at once. So, even if there were a billion things going on around you, the best thing to do is to stay calm(as much as you can lol). ;):unsure::cool:
    I hope you're having a great Sunday as well!
    I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! For those who aren’t feeling that positive vibe, I’ll send all of my love and positivity to you! Have a Happy Saturday! ;)
    I hope your weekend is doing wonderful aswell!
    Gosh, I srsly don’t know what to post on here xD Tbh, I’m kinda tired, but I hope anyone who reads this is having a good day. If not, I hope tomorrow will be better! :sleep:
    I had my bday today! lol It was nice. I had dinner with my family, got to eat some chocolate zuccotto cake, and I did some college hw(yay). I dunno if anyone really reads these, but if you do, then I hope you have a wonderful Friyay and weekend! xD :cool:
    Heyo, nice to meet ya! First post! xD lol
    I'll prolly just post about random things, and I may or may not post as much on here. Idk. It really depends on how much extra time I have.

    Random: I made some vanilla cupcakes the other day and they turned out okay. I was glad they didn't burn or taste bad. I was thinking of making some french toast but eh. Baking is like potion making. You have to be exact with the measurements and ingredients or else it could end badly. ;)
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