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  • I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! For those who aren’t feeling that positive vibe, I’ll send all of my love and positivity to you! Have a Happy Saturday! ;)
    I hope your weekend is doing wonderful aswell!
    Gosh, I srsly don’t know what to post on here xD Tbh, I’m kinda tired, but I hope anyone who reads this is having a good day. If not, I hope tomorrow will be better! :sleep:
    I had my bday today! lol It was nice. I had dinner with my family, got to eat some chocolate zuccotto cake, and I did some college hw(yay). I dunno if anyone really reads these, but if you do, then I hope you have a wonderful Friyay and weekend! xD :cool:
    Heyo, nice to meet ya! First post! xD lol
    I'll prolly just post about random things, and I may or may not post as much on here. Idk. It really depends on how much extra time I have.

    Random: I made some vanilla cupcakes the other day and they turned out okay. I was glad they didn't burn or taste bad. I was thinking of making some french toast but eh. Baking is like potion making. You have to be exact with the measurements and ingredients or else it could end badly. ;)
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