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    A new day has risen, and just like the sun our people are stronger than the Vampires. Though I was far away looking for a solution that I did not find (I am grateful it is no longer needed), my good friend from the Residential Cave has informed me of our victory. If you didn't get a chance to talk to him throughout the week you should, he's been a very great influence in my life. I better be off now, I have to pack and return home. I hope to see you all there!
    It seems I have forgotten we would have visitors today and have left an item very important to me behind. In fear this message will fall into the wrong hands and that my precious item will be stolen, I've left a message in this for anyone with good intentions. Please do not let it be stolen, an old friend of mine would be very upset.
    Hello wizarding community, I am Callie Selwyn, the Werewolf Beta. Today I present to you a serious topic, one that has ruined lives both magical and non-magical across the globe. War. We have all seen events of war, perhaps even took part in them, but now it is knocking on our front door, and we have no choice but to let it in. The reason behind this? A hostile group of creatures you all know, the Vampires. They stole a precious ingredient being used to cultivate a cure for Lycanthropy and refuse to give it back. Already they are setting themselves up as criminals in our world, one that the Werewolves have lived in peacefully until this burglary was committed. Us Werewolves had no choice but to take a stand, as we will not be taken advantage of like this. Do not let these fear mongering fools frighten you! Know that we will come from the battlefield victorious! I stand behind our Alpha Kade Everard and hope that you do as well unless you favor meeting an unfortunate fate on the full moon.
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