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  1. Cate

    Potterworld POV

    POV: and desert you
  2. Cate

    The Person Below Me

    Procrastinated too much didn’t even start like my biggest assignment, going to bed now to neglect it more LMAO TPBM is gonna get a solid 8 hours of sleep you guys BETTER (I say as I need to be out of bed in 6 hours but we’re going to ignore that)
  3. Cate

    Potterworld POV

    POV: Never gonna let you down
  4. Cate

    The Person Below Me

    AAh mine are next week don't remind mE TPBM is bouta fail their finals (me but)
  5. Cate

    Count as high as you can before a student comes on

    y'all count I need my chance to stop you
  6. Cate

    Potterworld POV

    POV: You lost the game
  7. Cate

    The Person Below Me

    Oh absolutely see I was out with COVID for the past 10 days I go back to school tomorrow, did I only start on all my assignments earlier today? Yeah am I done? Nowhere near- TPBM lost the game (:
  8. Cate

    If you're reading this, you must comment.

    I lost the game.
  9. Cate

    Two words, replace one

    Juice World
  10. Cate

    Count as high as you can until a staff member comes on: 2.0

    1 I swear if you guys
  11. Cate

    House Cup December 2021

    WOO congrats Raven besties!! Super proud of you guys!! Serpents ftw next quarter though ;)
  12. Cate

    If you're reading this, you must comment.

    the game went missing and I personally can't find it
  13. Cate

    If you're reading this, you must comment.

    The game went missing, personally.
  14. Cate

    House Cup September 2021

    WOO congrats griffins!!! Super proud of you guys!!! :D
  15. Cate

    Head of Build

    WOO CONGRATS EMMA!!! I'm so super-duper proud of you and I know you're going to do down-to-earth amazing in this new position. This is so so well deserved and gah I'm SO PROUD OF YOU!!! <333