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  • Ok a rhyme for a cool person

    Danik is cool, Danik is smart
    but he likes to push out a fart.

    He just got Trainee, such a beast
    but his time in real life just decreased.

    People come to ask for his help,
    but he's too hot, everyone would melt.

    He is adored by many fans,
    even though he forgot his pants.

    Every good story needs an end,
    Blake is cool, but Danik's a friend. <3

    Ily boii
    lmaoooo <3 <3 im sure im not hot :joy:
    you're the hottest guy in the US :whistle:
    so i wrote a poem for a competition at my school and here it is

    “Self Love”

    How could I have loved you,

    as you have loved another.

    Leaving me in the dark,

    blinding myself with love.

    How hard I cried for you,

    but it fell on deaf ears.

    Does it really delight you for me to cry for you?

    does it?

    I’ve been in the search for truth,

    to find the missing link between us.

    Does it really delight you for me to agonize over you?

    does it?

    I’ve come to find that there was never a link,

    and I have devoted myself to you.

    All of myself, every last part.

    Does it really delight you for me to waste away while you thrive?

    does it?

    Though the search for truth, took thousands of treks, trying to thrive,

    I have found that I am my own true love.

    Loving myself simply delights me more .

    Does it really satisfy me to find love for myself and you do not find love?

    it does.

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