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  • Crossroads

    Dear Journal

    There are too many questions left over from that day. Too many emotions left over. Who kidnapped the Dark Hand? Who even placed the potion turned bomb?

    More specifically, why didn't Arabella try to stabilise that potion? Why was it just to shorten the blast radius? There is nothing in recollection that gives the answer from them. Nothing to answer for failures committed.

    Everyone was affected but the distrust it created cannot simply be undone. The actions can be forgotten but not forgiven easily. We need answers, even if it is forced even if it does not appear right away.

    The Phoenixes failed to protect us that day. I do not know how much longer we can continue like this. Failure after failure, it has gotten to the point it is either us or them. Werewolves can no longer depend on others for protection. Even the Aurorlocks failed to protect us. We need to do it on our own for once and place ourselves first for protection. No more ending in pain.

    There is only one way of going forward on all of this and the decision is already finalised.
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