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    On-Hold 🍄 Mushroom hat!!!! 🍄

    I feel like the model may be hard to pull off, but if done correctly some people might like this hat
  2. corainth

    Reintroduction of Polls

    very interesting : ) thank you
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    Potterwatch Performer Applications

    Good luck everybody <3 If it's your dream to be a performer, I hope that dream comes true
  4. corainth

    Grounds Keeper Applications

    sounds pretty cool! I'm excited to see who joins the team
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    On-Hold Once-ler Hat

    I think this could be a pretty good hat. who doesn't want a top hat with a green band on it? (malla definitely didn't force me to write this)
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    The Winter Waltz at Mahounoshiro

    SUCH an awesome event : )
  7. corainth

    Winter Waltz 2020

    such an awesome event! thank you all <3
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    New Hub

    the new hub definitely is a little less cool, but I completely understand the need for the change! the new hub is still interesting and fits its purpose well.
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    Declined WizPe skips!

    yeah I mean personally I avoid wiz pe at all costs because it frustrates me to no end and while asking someone to pick is exciting and all, the randomizer would be more exciting and more fair. at least then everyone has an equal chance of winning it. that or only give the skip to the person who...
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    Declined Add a blacklist to /shop

    I searched for this thread to see if there was a duplicate and I couldn't find one. so, I present to you: Add a blacklist to /shop. do you go on chest runs and find your inventory full of stuff, go to /shop to clear it out, and accidentally list an item that you want to keep in your inventory...
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    Declined Marketplace Modifications

    agreed. they show for the most part in player shops I believe, so why not in those GUIs too? it's always nice to know what you're buying before you buy it.
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    Declined Can Broom appearance be changed in hotbar like the wand?

    it used to, it's weird that it doesn't anymore
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    tbh? an interesting idea and I think it'd be funny
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    On-Hold Housing magic enabled for name registry only

    tbh, good idea. it could really make events held at houses easier
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    Duplicate More Ways to Earn XP and AC. :))

    there's at least 5 ways to earn exp and it makes sense that ac is only obtained from the sources it is now as they're academic credits. I believe that the problem here is not the amount of things that are available, but rather the rate at which these things give you exp, which is a subject that...