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    Echoes of the Past - World Minigames Update

    "I used to dread the touch of such artefacts. The father’s curse has become the son’s gift. I wish he had the knowledge I now possess. The past is my domain, and I am its sole master.” --- Extract from the journal of the first recorded Echo Reader. Professor Thatcher, the Divination...
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    Head of Academics

    Congratulations Ariel :D <3
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    Appleby's 2023 Butterbrew Festival

    Happy Butterbrew Festival! Greetings dear students! This year, Kevin is excited to bring you to the Butterbrew Festival. The residents of Appleby have decorated their cottages and have prepared a few activities for you to enjoy in their little village! Explore, discover and play around in this...
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    May 2023 Star Racing Tournament Sign-Up

    JustMaxHell :honeybadger: