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    Count as high as you can before a student comes on

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    A Book about Creatures

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    December Community Engagement Event

    Woo! Let's gooooo
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    Arithmancer Render Workshop

    This sounds really fun
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    Loadouts Public Testing Session

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    Summer Visual Arts Competition Winners

    Wow, those look fabulous! Congratulations on winning!
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    Declined Propulso

    Disable Propulso cancelling cast-time. It gives jinx too much power.
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    Head of Build

    Congratulations, potatooo!
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    wheres the bathroom

    wheres the bathroom
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    Head of Academics

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    On-Hold Dueling Challenge/Tournament Suggestion

    This is probably a recycled suggestion, but I couldn't find any other post speaking on it. For dueling challenges, the competitions could be based off of the dueling system from 1v1 arena and PvP bases. I feel like this would be good to level out everyone's health. In the 1v1 arena and PvP base...
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    Declined Propulso, Ventimus, Flipellius, and Accersio

    Your intentions seem good, but having crowd control spells enabled in the open world could also allow us players to troll each other. I know I'd love the opportunity to throw people around.