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  • I lie awake tonight,
    Wishing of things I can change.
    I try to convince myself,
    But it's all so strange.

    Is it me,
    Or is it you?
    Do I try,
    Or are we through?

    So long we've shared
    Just to walk away.
    But so much hurt
    To want to stay.

    Why do we do this,
    Try to hurt the other more,
    Only to watch one
    Walk right out the door?

    I love you so much,
    Yet I push you to the point of breaking,
    But why do you play with my heart
    And never stop taking?

    Is this the end
    Or a new beginning?
    Only one can guide me
    When my head is spinning.

    Don't push,
    Don't try,
    Don't stress,
    Don't cry.

    That is what plays
    Over in my head
    As I try to close my eyes
    And just go to bed.

    It’s the 21st century
    but still –
    some people
    get judged
    about whom
    they love

    It’s the 21st century
    but still –
    some people
    get criticised
    about who
    they are

    It’s the 21st century
    but still –
    women are
    less worth
    than men

    It’s the 21st century
    but still –
    dark-skinned people
    get discriminated
    and killed

    One would think
    that we live
    in the 21st century
    and not
    in the middle ages
    but still –
    we must change
    a lot
    everyone is equal.

    Mrs Anybody
    Lucky are those who have found love
    and been loved.

    Lucky are those who bear the gift of face.
    Easy is for them to find an easy case
    for their own taste
    - a goal for their own base.

    Lucky are those who has an outstanding confidence.
    For by it, they don’t live with a doubtful fence.
    Freely as they get any wants in their existence.

    I give away smiles, pieces of my lies,
    pretending not having rainy skies.
    Hiding my Breathless sighs.

    Sometimes I am like a rock
    too dull to feel, a surface too rough.
    A sense I lost, an unreachable core,
    I don’t know how to love anymore.

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