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  • hello! i'm doing ralie's challenge because i love her! i won't be too active here, but sometimes ill pop in :)
    When did you join the server?

    during butterbrew festival 2016, but i took a pretty chunky break after a couple months.
    Whatā€™s your Patronus?
    pottermore told me dolphin. i guess it makes sense.. im a pisces.
    What is your most prized item in the game?
    any of the items we made for butterbrew 2018. i keep them all in a special chest, because that was the event of my dreams.
    What is the order of your sorting quiz? (Most house to least house)
    Griffin, Honeybadger and Raven are usually tied, and Serpent.
    What is your favorite store item?
    red flower crown! however, my heart always and forever goes out to the paper airplane pet.
    What would your job be in the wizard land?
    i think that i would be involved in some part of wizarding media. probably a writing job, maybe journalism (or should i say.. the daily diviner).
    Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
    i've have a lot of love for ron and hermione! they're so different, but both have good hearts/qualities. i loved learning from them when i was younger, their ups and downs teach a lot of lessons. i'm also such a sucker for their romantic development. they're amazing independently, but watching them slowly realize that they actually love eachother really hits my soft spot.
    Which allegiance is your favorite?
    What would your Amortentia smell like?
    old book pages and the smell of my favorite theatre!
    What was the name of your first RP family?
    noir forever and always <3 though my family in general is GD memes, love them all with the entirety of my heart.
    What's your favorite class?
    probably hom and herbology :)
    thats all! hope you're all doing well.
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