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  • Mistakes and Misfortune

    I have lost great things in my life, and what is there else to lose? What must it feel like when you are at the moment of peace where you are on the brink of chaos, but you feel quiet inside? Will that feeling resolve? Is quiet better than chaos? What defines good or bad?

    Many unmagical philosophers study these questions. Some believe that attachment is the cause of suffering and that without attachment, you will attain the feeling of eternal quiet. Is it worth having no suffering, if you don't feel joy? This is a question that is not up to me to answer. I believe that we all feel joy and a state of perfect happiness, but we may take it for granted. We do not take pain for granted.

    Attachment in a sense is like gravity. The planets in our solar system are in a loop of the gravitational force around the sun. They are attached, but all things must cease at one point in time. Our sun, over time, will get larger and redder, and then - the most beautiful thing that I wish to see: a supernova explosion. The dying and the rebirth of a sun brighter and denser than ever - similar to the rebirth of a Phoenix.

    Today was a day of sorrow and regret. We will stand strong together, and with time we will rebuild.
    - Max Fireheart
    The Phoenix Sunseeker

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    Forever here for you my dear friend. Those were beautiful questions with the most impossible of answers, one day we both shall know the answers. You are so incredible and strong, this will be hard but know you are never alone.

    Arabella Pendragon :heart:
    Max Fireheart
    Max Fireheart
    I could never wish for a better friend, @Arabella :heart:
    The Hardships of Family

    Family is not a burden, yet it is as impactful as one. When we lose someone we love, we often look back and wonder to ourselves whether it was worth having them in the first place.
    What would life be like with my mother? What would life be like without her?
    What would life be like if I still had my mentor, Eleanor? My only best friend?

    When it is your daughter, son, niece, or nephew who gets hurt, however, you do not care about the law nor your morals. Your instinct is to protect, and that is what is fulfilled by being human. When Robin was apprehended by Clem this past week, I was panicking, but it was a sense of quiet that whistled along the grass in her absence that made me burn in fury.

    We did go to a safe house, but young ones do not listen well and can unintentionally harm themselves in ways that we ourselves cannot grasp onto. My heart seeks a time where we will be able to protect the ones we love in ways that we wish to achieve in moments of hardship and struggle.

    Though, family will be there when the time comes. Family is always there for you.
    - Max Fireheart
    The Phoenix Sunseeker

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    Prized Possessions

    I have begun to research different aspects of my past - starting with Eleanor Rue. As most of you know, Eleanor was my mentor - she was a motherly figure to me as a younger child. She left me her telescope and her pet companion, Jupiter. Eleanor's telescope was influential to my being for many reasons - specifically that I can latch onto it. Objects can hold such dear places in one's heart, and especially if it's the only thing to remember your past with. Jupiter on the other hand, touch him, and you will feel my wrath unleash upon your soul.

    Eleanor was struck down by the corrupt Aurorlocks on the 22nd of May under Shakti Bhardwaj's control - which is none of their fault to this day. I fully compliment Mr. Griffiths on his work for the Ministry, as well as Deputy Lightwood.

    More information on my findings will not be revealed, since I believe it is crucial to remain private about family affairs.

    - Max Fireheart
    The Phoenix Sunseeker

    Back Home

    When we define home, we often give our most beloved area - one that we hold close to our hearts.
    For me; this is different.
    Home is not one location, but where the people come with you.
    Home is not defined by fact, yet by happiness.

    Yes, I see.
    I see the happiness that fills my sister's eyes when she sees her family.
    How long it has been, how mysterious our past is, but we have a goal; to find the history of our family.

    When studying Muggle Studies during my time at Hogsworth, I researched quotes from an unmagical ex-P.M.
    of our great country.

    There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human, are created, strengthened and maintained.
    - Winston S. Churchill
    - Max Fireheart
    The Phoenix Sunseeker

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