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    December 2021 Winter Waltz Flying Tournament Sign-Up

    Welcome to the sign-up thread for the December 2021 Winter Waltz Flying Tournament. This tournament is a 5v5 tournament that will take place on Saturday, December 4th at 12pm PST. How to join: Comment your in-game name, your teammate's in-game names, and all of your houses on this thread. Once...
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    November 2021 Dueling Tournament

    We had many great teams at Saturday's Dueling Tournament, but we would like to congratulate tilllyy, DemetriDemarcus, Shadyobster56, and Salmandingo on winning this month's 4v4 Dueling Tournament! Here are the results: Congratulations to all participants, and we hope to see you early next...
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    Return to the Haunted Hollow

    Lets Gooooo!
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    House Cup September 2021

    Lets Gooooooo!
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    Summer Beach Party

    Letss goo! A wise person once said; summer is hot, and so are you!
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    Pride Festival in Diagonal Lane

    Lets Goooo! Happy Pride!
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    7th Anniversary Competition Winners

    Congratulations and thank you, everyone!
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    Potterworld's 7th Anniversary

    Letsss Gooo!
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    Prototype 1.0 (Jinx Build)

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    March 2021 Flying Tournament

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    March Store Releases

    Take my money, just take it!
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    Reintroducing 1v1 Arena

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    New Quests, Riddles and More Now Available

    Nice work, looking forward to trying out these new updates!