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    Loadouts Public Testing Session

    tqrpiar !!
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    August 2021 Flying Tournament Sign-Up

    tqrpiar !! (serpents woo)
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    hello new magician! welcome to potterworldmc

    hello new magician! welcome to potterworldmc
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    credit the artist!!!!
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    Declined Make Potterworld Parkours Harder

    I think quest parkours in the main quest-line are good as they are, but event parkours are in my eyes also extremely easy. It doesn't take long to earn a certain amount of tokens for an event or finish an event quest. Overall, you finish an event pretty quickly and adding a more challenging...
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    Pride 2021 Giveaway

    We're popping off ign: tqrpiar
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    7th Anniversary Competition Winners

    aye! nice job everyone :D
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    On-Hold Very VERY VERY angry suggestion about FLYING COURSE INCONSISTENCY

    I think the inconsistency between the maps is what keeps it exciting in classes honestly it adds a nice change between everything, if all the maps are the same I feel like it'd lose some fun in it & Matty, now you know classes have barriers lol
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    Coming soon...

    let's gooo
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    March 2021 House Cup

    let's gooo :D serp rep serp rep serp rep
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    On-Hold re-selling building blocks

    Hello :] pretty sure this might've been recommended or asked somewhere else, but I don't recall seeing it anywhere so might be nice I think this is a pretty common thing to buy a lot of blocks when trying things out, but eventually you end up with too many blocks you don't do anything with...