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    Completed Bone Blocks

    Hihi! I just bought Unicorn House Scenery and the trees are made with Bone Blocks. To add some stuff i wanted to make those trees myself too... but Bone Blocks are not available in Mine Depot. :( Is it possible we can get access to these blocks? :D ~Will
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    February 2021 Flying Tournament Sign-Up

    Willmandingo (Ravens) Annamandingo (Badgers)
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    Completed Staff Items

    Sorry to say but i do totally agree with this... I understand you take it away since its a staff item, but if someone doesn't KNOW its a staff item and they also payed 15-400K for things, then either return the item or return the gold.
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    January 2021 Flying Tournament Sign-Up

    Willmandingo, Ravens
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    Wat moet je

    Wat moet je
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    October 2020 Dueling Tournament Sign Up

    TastyWil 😌✌🏻
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    October 2020 Flying Tournament Sign Up

    TastyWil Ravens
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    Server Maintenance - July 4th (Edit: July 5th) - MAINTENANCE OVER

    Good luck! Cant wait! :D Oh by the way this thing says im a New Magician xD im actually Graduate
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    Duplicate A feast :D

    heyy! I think it would be a nice idea if we had like a feast :) We could say at 1st of september everyone gather in the great hall at idk what time xD But then like droobledore is there and we can just talk w each other and maybe at the end of year or halloween etc etc. I think its a nice way to...