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Discord Rules

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Discord Rules: These are the rules that need to be followed on our Discord at all times. These are punishable through mutes, kicks & bans if broken.
  • No cussing, including light swears.
    There is no official list of words that are not allowed, but it is not allowed in another language, to replace letters with intention to bypass the filter, or straight-up swear. If you’re unsure about a word, do not use it. This includes any discriminatory terms.

  • The only swearing voice channels are Knockturn Alley, The Dark Prison, and Mysterious Manor.
    Join this at your own discretion. These are under the category "Swearing Channels".

  • No inappropriate behaviour of any kind.
    This includes innuendos, any comments about sensitive topics, any reactions, gifs, comments, images, names, nicknames, profile pictures, statuses, and gameplay messages displayed on profiles.

  • Please only speak English in chats.
    Other languages are permitted to be used in PM. It helps us to be able to moderate efficiently, as there may not be someone who understands what is being said, and therefore makes our job harder.

  • Remain respectful to everyone at all times.
    This includes both students and staff. Disrespect is not tolerated. This also includes jumpscares and voice changers - respect people’s boundaries.

  • Do not harass other players.
    If you are asked to leave someone alone, do so. Harassment is not tolerated - this includes sexually harassing someone.

  • Keep religious beliefs and political comments out of chat.
    This is to avoid conflict with other people and to avoid arguments that could easily spark between different beliefs or opinions. This also ties in with no discrimination or inappropriate comments being allowed.

  • Don’t spam.
    This includes spamming in chat through messages you either send yourself or send through doing something, e.g. leaving and entering a housing over and over. This also includes emotes.

  • Don’t troll.
    Sarcasm is fine, but purposefully trolling is not allowed. Do not mislead others, or purposefully attempt to cause issues.

  • Don’t start or continue drama.
    Any issues should be kept away from the public to reduce involvement and issues. Try to resolve them like an adult.

  • Don’t advertise.
    This includes other Minecraft servers, Discord servers and YouTube channels. You can link streams or videos that you’re doing/done about Potterworld, but you can't plug anything that may benefit from it. We’re not a platform for you to advertise on. You can, however, mention your social media handles in your status.

  • Keep channels on topic.
    Keep art in art, spammy in spammy, music in music - there’s different channels for a reason, so be sure to use them.

  • Don’t impersonate Staff members.
    Impersonating staff members through messages, nicknames, names, IDs, and profile pictures is not allowed.

  • Positivity!
    Try to remain positive. For many, Potterworld is a way to escape IRL issues and a place to relax, so we want to keep it that way. Be kind and make a difference to someone’s day. Try to keep bans out of chats, as well as any issues you’ve had related to the server or anyone on it that could spark an issue.

There are Discord Moderators that you can go to with any issues on the Discord. Head Staff are also Admins, so you can also go to them with any issues.

In Conclusion:
  • We’re a family-friendly server, and our rules reflect this and the desire to make sure that anyone and everyone can have a good time while on Potterworld.
  • You’re expected to follow rules at all times. These can be added, changed or removed at any time as the server changes. Announcements will be made for any changes in the rules, but you will be responsible for keeping up-to-date with them from when you first join the server. Saying you didn't know about a rule is not a valid excuse for failure to comply with this.
  • Examples & clarification given under the rules are not the full extent to what that rule could include. There may be something that is not included specifically described or named, but it will still count as being a part of that rule from the generic overview. If you’re unsure about something, don’t do/say it and ask a staff member.
  • Your accounts are your responsibility. Any activity that takes place on there will be your issue, and you will not be dismissed from a rule if someone else manages to log into your account. Ensure that they’re secure, and enable 2FA if necessary.
  • Head Staff will do what they deem necessary to protect the security, safety, and organisation of the server, the staff team, and the player-base. Their word is final and should be respected.


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.