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  1. Mateo

    Completed Increase the Queen's Maze reward

    It gives 6 tokens, which is just doing the Rabbit Hole or the Mermaid's Grotto droppers 3 times. Mermaid's Grotto for example is so easy, and simple to do, it'll max take 30 seconds to get 6 tokens because of the cooldown (you can do it faster than it cools down). This maze takes way longer to...
  2. Mateo

    Completed Move Event NPCs to the courtyard instead of the Great Hall table

    Events have way too much effort put into them to just be hidden with an NPC at the back of the great hall. Most players will miss it there since it's not clear. Plus, I don't see a reason to. I think all events should have the NPC like the Winter Waltz one, very obvious out in the open :)
  3. Mateo

    Completed Make the Quali-Tea Tea shop in Vertick Alley sell tea

    There already is a tea vendor at the Cafe shop in Shade Alley, so the same menu can be added to this other shop :D It would fill the world up more! Ty for reading
  4. Mateo

    Declined Rememberball from Jeremiah

    You have to buy one in the intro (it's required to proceed) so that would mean the player gets two of them o.o
  5. Mateo

    Under Review Please buff Felix Fortuna

    It gives you 5 seconds of invulnerability right now, which honestly with the 15 or something step sequence and short time, plus all the ingredients you need for it, it's just not worth it. Even if it was like super cheap, just 5 seconds of invulnerability is not useful. I suggest (the most...
  6. Mateo

    Under Review Add a copy of 1v1 arena in the queue / A duel command?

    The game is very popular, and if you're trying to queue up with someone in specific it's very difficult. I think a solution would be to have a copy of it in /games so it's technically a separate game? This might be a bit clunky, so another idea I have is to add a /duel command, and if the other...
  7. Mateo

    Declined Rename the Vertick Public Gardens to Shade Alley Public Gardens

    They're absolutely not located in Vertick Alley but in Shade Alley, which is misleading as I've seen a lot of people try to find it in Vertick and then ask in chat to find out it's not in Vertick. I'm not sure if there's some kind of lore or other meaning that I'm missing, but the name is still...
  8. Mateo

    On-Hold Option for /audio

    I believe this is already a thing they're working on? There was a suggestion on the old feedback website uservoice where it was put on hold. As for implementing it, it would be quite easy with the recent addition of the scoreboard which tells you where you're located currently - all the regions...
  9. Mateo

    On-Hold Remove Water from Wiz PE

  10. Mateo

    On-Hold Remove Water from Wiz PE

    Hey everyone! Thanks for bringing up this idea! I understand your points, and this is something we want to do, but slightly differently :‍o we want to make courses teleport you back to the start of that specific section if you fall, so it's easier and you do not have to swim all the way back...
  11. Mateo

    Duplicate Buying Bulk in mine depot

    Hello, @NotDetroit! This idea has been suggested multiple times in the past, and is accepted to be implemented at a later date - view the post here. I'll be marking this as a duplicate now, but thank you for your suggestion regardless!
  12. Mateo

    On-Hold Shop Management Web Interface

    Hi, @Cryms0n! Thank you for your suggestion, us Poltergeists will discuss this and get back to you when we've made a decision. The concept art you provided is really nice I must say, it makes this idea easier to visualize :)
  13. Mateo

    Duplicate Spar in the Wilderness

    Hello! This idea has been suggested already, you can find the thread here. I'll mark this thread a duplicate, but thank you for your idea regardless!
  14. Mateo

    On-Hold PvP System

    Hiya! Thank you for your suggestion, it helps us improve the server! I'll get back to you when we've made a final decision on this idea! \:)
  15. Mateo

    Duplicate Suggestion: Bring Back Butterbrew [Butterbeer]

    Hiya! There have been multiple threads about adding food items or items from shops in general, such as this one, which we plan to implement in the future! I'll now be marking this as a duplicate, but thank you for your suggestion regardless!
  16. Mateo

    Declined Add vaults in other places, not just Grimlotts

    Hello everyone! We'll be declining this as we're currently looking into backpacks mentioned in this thread, which should solve any inventory space issues. As for vaults, we'll be looking at what to do with them at a later date, so keep an eye out! :D Thank you for taking the time to submit...
  17. Mateo

    Declined Change the Requirements for Content Creator Role

    Hi, @llamaforpres! Thank you so much for your feedback - it is truly valued! We're going to discuss this idea and get back to you with a decision :D
  18. Mateo

    On-Hold Housing Suggestions

    Hello, thank you for posting this, we will talk about all three ideas and let you know what our thoughts are on them soon!
  19. Mateo

    New Broom Models

  20. Mateo

    Declined Player Profile inventory item

    Hi again! We've come to the decision that we'll be declining this idea. We don't feel that it is very necessary to add an item for this function, as you can enable shift+right/left-click and also type /me to get to this menu. Additionally, this is likely to not be used very often by players...