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  1. Mateo

    Completed Increase the Queen's Maze reward

    It gives 6 tokens, which is just doing the Rabbit Hole or the Mermaid's Grotto droppers 3 times. Mermaid's Grotto for example is so easy, and simple to do, it'll max take 30 seconds to get 6 tokens because of the cooldown (you can do it faster than it cools down). This maze takes way longer to...
  2. Mateo

    Completed Move Event NPCs to the courtyard instead of the Great Hall table

    Events have way too much effort put into them to just be hidden with an NPC at the back of the great hall. Most players will miss it there since it's not clear. Plus, I don't see a reason to. I think all events should have the NPC like the Winter Waltz one, very obvious out in the open :)
  3. Mateo

    Completed Make the Quali-Tea Tea shop in Vertick Alley sell tea

    There already is a tea vendor at the Cafe shop in Shade Alley, so the same menu can be added to this other shop :D It would fill the world up more! Ty for reading
  4. Mateo

    Under Review Please buff Felix Fortuna

    It gives you 5 seconds of invulnerability right now, which honestly with the 15 or something step sequence and short time, plus all the ingredients you need for it, it's just not worth it. Even if it was like super cheap, just 5 seconds of invulnerability is not useful. I suggest (the most...
  5. Mateo

    Under Review Add a copy of 1v1 arena in the queue / A duel command?

    The game is very popular, and if you're trying to queue up with someone in specific it's very difficult. I think a solution would be to have a copy of it in /games so it's technically a separate game? This might be a bit clunky, so another idea I have is to add a /duel command, and if the other...
  6. Mateo

    Declined Rename the Vertick Public Gardens to Shade Alley Public Gardens

    They're absolutely not located in Vertick Alley but in Shade Alley, which is misleading as I've seen a lot of people try to find it in Vertick and then ask in chat to find out it's not in Vertick. I'm not sure if there's some kind of lore or other meaning that I'm missing, but the name is still...
  7. Mateo

    Declined Change /link and /discord to /link <forum|discord>

    To link to the website rn you use /link, but syncing your roles to Discord is also "linking" your accounts, so why should /link be only for the website, and Discord has it's own command? It's quite inconsistent. My suggestion is to merge the commands into one, being /link, followed by "forum"...
  8. Mateo

    Completed Make the feedback forum stand out more

    Consider adding it's own entry, either next to the "Home, Forums, Calendar".., or in the Forums dropdown menu, so it'd look like — All Forums — Feedback — Head Staff — Members to make it's existence more obvious and help make it more active c:
  9. Mateo

    Declined Old returning player bundle + tips, to catch you back up to speed

    If a player has not logged on for more than, say, 5 months?, upon entering a world, they should be greeted with a title welcoming them back, and mentioning of a new option for returning players in /me. Hear me out: the /me is just an example, but it could be literally anything from clicking a...
  10. Mateo

    Completed Exempt this forum from the 30-day thread reanimating rule.

    Feedback posts should always be able to be commented on and discussed, as this isn't like regular threads which bump an old for no reason.
  11. Mateo

    Declined Broadcast this very forum to a Discord channel, much like Uservoice in #feedback-updates.

    As mentioned in the recent Uservoice Changes post, I don't really know what PW's vision is, but this could either just be the post simply sent in the channel, without a reaction voting system, if that is undesired. Even if they were just shown, it'd be useful to keep up with what's being posted...
  12. Mateo

    Give me three

    The purpose of this game is to answer with 3 of the mentioned thing, and ask for 3 again! For example: And so on. : D
  13. Mateo

    If you're reading this, you must comment.

    This thread no longer works, because you can no longer see a thread's view count, so now you can just post whatever, lol If you clicked on this, you must comment! ;) The point of this thread is to have the same amount of replies as views. If there are more views than replies, we must...
  14. Mateo

    Count to 2020 before 2020 comes

    The point of this thread is to count up to 2020, before the year 2020 is here. Notes: • You're not allowed to post more than once in a row, you have to wait for someone else to count after you, to be able to re-comment.
  15. Mateo

    Count to 100, 1000, 10,000..

    The point of this thread is to count up. Simply counting. No resetting when someone specific posts; anyone can participate. Notes: • You're not allowed to post more than once in a row, you have to wait for someone else to count after you, to be able to re-comment. Have fun!