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  1. xAutumnn

    May Community Engagement

    The Inquisitorial Squad will be hosting Potterworld Anniversary-themed Community Engagements during the month of May, and all of you are invited! We will be hosting multiple CEs, over the span of a week, with a few fun activities for you all to participate in! Here's the schedule: Tuesday May...
  2. xAutumnn

    Season Championships Update

    Over the past 3 months many witches and wizards have been competing in both Duelling and Flying Challenges with the goal of becoming the top wizard at Hogsworth! We'd like to congratulate Expiroces, Bastaii, and Tillyular123 for becoming our very first Season Championship MVPs! Overall Category...
  3. xAutumnn

    Arena Shop & Seasons Update

    As many of you may know, our season is coming to an end very soon! In the spirit of this, we have decided to release a "Champion's Exclusive" Shop. This post will go over these additions and season reminders. Champion's Exclusive Shop This shop can be accessed through the Arena Shop NPC at the...
  4. xAutumnn

    April 2021 Community Engagement

    The Inquisitorial Squad will be hosting Spring-themed Community Engagements during the month of April, and all of you are invited! We will be hosting multiple CEs, over the span of a week, with a few fun activities for you all to participate in! Here's the schedule: Saturday April 17th - 10am...
  5. xAutumnn

    Introducing New Arena Additions

    Over the past while, the Arena Team has been thinking about different ways we can make Challenges & Tournaments unique to anything on Potterworld! We are now ready to release these new changes and additions to you guys! Season Championships We will be introducing a new addition to the PVP...
  6. xAutumnn

    Arena Squire Applications - Opened

    Hey! We will be opening back Arena Squire Applications, and we're very excited to see a couple new people on the Arena Team! Applications will remain open until further notice. We're looking for a couple new Arena Squires to help us in Challenges/Tournaments, and upcoming Arena changes that are...
  7. xAutumnn

    Tournaments and Challenges Update

    Over the past several months we have received feedback about our Challenge and Tournament Schedule. We would like to implement some changes to help better Arena Team hosted 'events'. This post will go over those changes! Challenges We will now be introducing 4v4 Challenges into our schedule! We...
  8. xAutumnn

    Winter Waltz 2020 Sledding Tournament

    We had our very first Arena Team run Sledding Tournament yesterday! There were a lot of experienced sledders, but we'd like to congratulate Max_Alzarin (Magma) for sledding his way to first place! Race 1: 1st: :honeybadger: PancakeFollowers 2nd: :honeybadger: Expiroces 3rd: :raven: Max_Alzarin...
  9. xAutumnn

    Gameplay Patches & Improvements [December 7th 2020]

    Over the past week or so, we have been adding in improvements & patches into the game! This announcement will go over everything that was changed. General We have added a spawner outside the Boomslang Cave entrance at [4075, 30, 3400] in Hogsend. Hopefully this change will make it easier to...
  10. xAutumnn

    Roleplay - On the Trail

    Following the coup of Joel Crestello, and the explosion at the Lore Compendium, the Phoenixes reach out to the Aurorlocks to discuss their current plans...
  11. xAutumnn

    Gameplay Patches & Improvements [November 20th, 2020]

    Over the past few weeks, we have been slowly adding improvements & patches into the game! This announcement will go over everything that was changed. Dueling Halls and Spell Trees Upon high request, we have added a healing option in Dueling Halls, so you no longer have to switch worlds. You can...
  12. xAutumnn

    Tournaments and Challenges Update

    With the holidays quickly approaching, we would like to announce that we will be introducing new Tournaments and Challenges for the upcoming seasons. December and January Tournaments During the winter months, December and January, we will be adding Sledding Challenges into our cycle of...
  13. xAutumnn

    November 2020 Flying Tournament

    We had a lot of great fliers at todays tournament! We'd like to congratulate TweetTweetTilly and Sticktrees on flying their way to victory! Here are the results from the tournament: Race 1: 1st: :honeybadger: TweetTweetTilly and Sticktrees 2nd::griffin::raven: TNTCrafterMC and Frebii 3rd...
  14. xAutumnn

    Declined Event Archive

    All completed event quests can be found in /q complete.
  15. xAutumnn

    Halloween in Haunted Hollow

    Halloween is among us, and this year we have a special treat! The residents of Haunted Hollow have invited the Hogsworth students for their annual Halloween Celebration! Talk to the vampire at the Professor tables in the back of the Great Hall in Hogsworth, and you can travel to this spooky...
  16. xAutumnn

    Challenge Changes

  17. xAutumnn

    Challenge Changes

    Due to time zone issues, we are going to be slightly adjusting the times when some of our Challenges occur. This will hopefully make it so less challenges will be missed or delayed because of unavailable Arena Masters. Wednesday 2:00am PST Challenge --> Tuesday 10:00pm PST Friday 10:00am PST...
  18. xAutumnn

    Declined Add a Butterbrew Event

    Hey guys! Thought I’d pop in and give a response to all of your amazing opinions! I’m leading the Events Team, so I think It’d be nice for you guys to see communication directly from me. I am also very saddened to say that the Butterbrew Event will not be on Potterworld this year, but would...
  19. xAutumnn

    Hogsworth's 2020 Graduation

    Hogsworth is celebrating those who are graduating this year! Talk to Droobledore in the Great Hall to travel to the event. Droobledore is also selling collectables at the event to remember this wondrous celebration! The Graduation Ceremony will be open until June 27th. Credits Implementation -...