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  1. Sunnya

    Pet B-Unit Release

    Greetings from a faraway galaxy! With the May the Fourth event well underway, we are thrilled to announce the release of the NEW Pet B-Unit on our webstore! This loyal ball-shaped droid will roll its way through any terrain you may enter - just make sure to clean the droid afterward! This...
  2. Sunnya

    May the Fourth Event

    Thank you Magiventologists & Curse Breakers for the great event!
  3. Sunnya

    WizNewsletter - April 2021

    Wooooo! :D
  4. Sunnya

    [CENTER][SIZE=5]Screenshot from today's Community Engagement event! <3[/SIZE]...

    [CENTER][SIZE=5]Screenshot from today's Community Engagement event! <3[/SIZE] [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/8ddoTsz.png[/IMG][/CENTER]
  5. Sunnya

    Under Review Bring Back the Decoration of the Courtyard for Events

    Another thing I do want to add is that we'll be doing a lot more things where players can travel to for celebrations and such. The most recent example of this being the Serpent Sanctuary build for the House Cup Celebration. We had this separate build made to have some sort of celebration and...
  6. Sunnya

    April 2021 Dueling Tournament

  7. Sunnya


  8. Sunnya

    Coming soon...

    The Development Team is thrilled to tease Guilds! This anticipated feature for the server can be expected to release in the near future.
  9. Sunnya

    Roleplay - A Treacherous Travel

    The Lord of the Phoenixes and his trusty Sunseeker are on a carriage ride when things go wrong...
  10. Sunnya

    Potterworld: Podcast

    Hey there! Just thought I'd pop in and share my perspective. Quite a couple of you mentioned WizNews specifically. If you're unaware, WizNews was basically a monthly recap video released on the channel. A year ago we also released a podcast-like video alongside it called the WizNews After...
  11. Sunnya

    Count as high as you can before a HEAD STAFF MEMBER comments

    You guys made it so far! Keep it up! Oh...nevermind. >: )
  12. Sunnya

    Server Rebranding + New Pet!

    It is real! You should definitely get it! It's really cute. :D
  13. Sunnya

    Server Rebranding + New Pet!

    Hello everyone! A few weeks ago, Werter, our Head of Data, found interesting statistics and data on the server's popularity. The Head Staff team has been hard at work to find a way to improve the server. After a lot of discussion amongst the team, we have decided to go for it: starting now in...
  14. Sunnya

    pop OFF !!

    pop OFF !!
  15. Sunnya

    mega RIP

    mega RIP
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  17. Sunnya

    Daily Diviner Changes & Additions

    wooo Daily Diviner <3
  18. Sunnya

    Gameplay Update 1.2.3 [March 15th 2021]

    Very nice! Thanks Paul!