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  1. Strale_Spaski

    Pride 2021 Giveaway

    Happy Pride from Strale_Varulv! :D
  2. Strale_Spaski

    Duplicate Hidden Chests and Gold Rewards

    Alright, thank you!
  3. Strale_Spaski

    Server Maintenance - July 4th (Edit: July 5th) - MAINTENANCE OVER

    Good luck with the maintenance! Really excited to see the update! 😁
  4. Strale_Spaski

    Roleplay - Ministry Attack Live Event

    Thank you so much! 😁
  5. Strale_Spaski

    Roleplay - Ministry Attack Live Event

    Sadly I will miss it. But woah, I must ask someone to record me atleast parts of it. 👀
  6. Strale_Spaski

    Anniversary Event Competition Winners

    Congratulations!!! 😁
  7. Strale_Spaski

    Hogsworth's 2020 Graduation

    Event sounds really cool! So excited to play it! 😁
  8. Strale_Spaski

    Duplicate Hidden Chests and Gold Rewards

    Oh thank you! I couldn't really listen to Q&A, as my speakers are broken. Thank you for listening to it and saying it here! :) (and also, now when you said that, I remember that there was a slide with chests with that info xD)
  9. Strale_Spaski

    Duplicate Hidden Chests and Gold Rewards

    I had one (a bit sad) discussion with my friend, Joe_Magus. He was really sad because he heard that you will maybe remove Gold from Hidden Chests. He said that he will even leave the server, if that happens. In his speech, he also said that he's donating over 2000 dollars to the server per year...
  10. Strale_Spaski

    Completed Commercial Ads in WizNews

    I know that it will be a bit harder to implement, but my idea is that players can request to show their own Mini Ads for their Families or Orders. They can message you with bringing the video, and you can accept or reject that. 😁
  11. Strale_Spaski

    On-Hold Please add so you can buy butterbeer at threebroomsticks!!

    I suggest to add different types of Butterbrews! It would be so nice! 😁
  12. Strale_Spaski

    ♥ ♥ ♥

    ♥ ♥ ♥
  13. Strale_Spaski

    Completed "Head Of Community Management" Voice Chat

    This role seems really confusing, as someone may think that player with that role is Head of CM, not the Lead. I suggest to rename it to "Community Management Leads" or something similar, to avoid questions like "Is Erin Head of Community Management?" (I asked it 😂). Thanks for reading my...
  14. Strale_Spaski

    Declined Bloodline Update

    Thank you! ♥
  15. Strale_Spaski

    Give me three

    -Michael Scott -Dwight Schrute -Jim Halpert Give me 3 Pets you like the most from Potterworld Store.