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  1. Strale_Spaski

    Duplicate Hidden Chests and Gold Rewards

    I had one (a bit sad) discussion with my friend, Joe_Magus. He was really sad because he heard that you will maybe remove Gold from Hidden Chests. He said that he will even leave the server, if that happens. In his speech, he also said that he's donating over 2000 dollars to the server per year...
  2. Strale_Spaski

    Completed "Head Of Community Management" Voice Chat

    This role seems really confusing, as someone may think that player with that role is Head of CM, not the Lead. I suggest to rename it to "Community Management Leads" or something similar, to avoid questions like "Is Erin Head of Community Management?" (I asked it 😂). Thanks for reading my...
  3. Strale_Spaski

    Declined Wall-e and Om Nom Pets and Pet Hats

    I really like the Wall-e and Om Nom's Appearances and I would like to see them as new Store Items. Also, I would like to set my Hats on my Pets. I know that this would be really hard, because you need to make a texture of every Pet compatible with every hat so, you can add new Store Part, Pet...
  4. Strale_Spaski

    Declined Store Items Suggestions

    Here are some of Store Items which I would like to see (As I know how to use Blockbench, if needed, I can make you these items. I know that I am not Staff Member, but this would be my effort to the server): Wands: -Piano Wand -Flute Wand -Water Staff Pets: -Diricawl Pet -Sheep Pet -Cow Pet...
  5. Strale_Spaski

    Declined Magizoologist Profession and Halloween Event

    If you like my idea, but it is too late because I set it in like September, I decided to make it now. From now, I'll list you 10 different ideas for various Events. Now, I will start with Halloween. If GD Team is enough fast, they can announce Magizoolouwgists Profession on Halloween Event. It...
  6. Strale_Spaski

    Declined Music Part of Media

    PotterworldMC videos are one of the best videos I watched. After all these videos, I feel like we need more Music Videos (as Dumb Ways to Die video). I suggest you to add two new parts of the Media: -Music Maker/Music Creator/Composer That's the player which will compose music for Videos...
  7. Strale_Spaski

    Declined More Instruments

    You should add more Instruments. I vote for Piano, Flute and a Violin. I know that will be really hard to make, but you should think about this idea.
  8. Strale_Spaski

    Declined Leaders of Store Prefixes

    Pheonixes/Dark Followers/Aurorlocks need Leader. You should add Leaders by Players' Votes and change them every month, again with Players' Choice. Players which want to be Leader can make their Assigments in Special Voting Area which shows why they want and need to be Leaders. I got this Idea a...
  9. Strale_Spaski

    Declined Bloodline Update

    I know that Bloodline is useless so... Why we have it? I suggest you to choose between these 2 things: To remove Bloodline or to make it less useless. You could update it with your Bloodline Channel or your Bloodline's Lore. Also, old players don't have their Bloodline. You should change this...
  10. Strale_Spaski

    Completed Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans

    You should make Bertie Bott's Beans Pack which gives you random message in chat (you ate your grandpa's 100 years old Socks Flavoured Bean) and other cool sweets in Honeydukes. (you should give some effects on different tastes, as Nausea on this one)
  11. Strale_Spaski

    Declined Magical Medicine Profession

    After making Magizoology Profession, you should make this one. I saw Vertic Alley Hospital and I decided to make a Suggestion.
  12. Strale_Spaski

    Completed Bring Teas and Ice Cream

    I know there were different Teas in the past but we didn't see them few years. I thought if you can make some different Teas on one Event or in Hogsend. Also, I saw Ice Cream Shop in Hogsend. I suggest you making NPC which sells Ice Cream there. You should make Hogsend more interactive, because...
  13. Strale_Spaski

    Declined Last Profession Inspired Event

    As the Profession Update will come soon, I am asking if you can add Professions on 1 more Event too before update. (Maybe Easter)