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  1. Miss_Strudel

    Pride Festival in Diagonal Lane

    This year, LGBTQ+ wizards from across the world are gathering at Diagonal Lane for a Pride Festival! Help prepare for the big parade and gather components to create a colourful Pride Staff. You can join the celebration for the rest of June by speaking to the NPC outside the Great Hall. Quests...
  2. Miss_Strudel

    7th Anniversary Competition Winners

    woo go tekno!!!
  3. Miss_Strudel

    Potterworld's 7th Anniversary

    Potterworld is celebrating its 7th Anniversary! The Ministry of Magicians has opened the doors to a secret expansion of the Clock Room that will enable players to travel back to favorite events of the past. Speak to Kevin outside the Great Hall to join the festivities and take a trip through...
  4. Miss_Strudel

    May the Fourth Event

    May the Fourth be with you! The Centennial Hawk has landed near the Boathouse to transport Hogsworth students to a Galaxy Far Far Away. Join the fight between the Rebels and Imperials in our seasonal minigames! Speak to Jayoda on the Centenial Hawk to travel to the Cantina, where you can...
  5. Miss_Strudel

    Plasma Blade Creation Tutorial

    This May the Fourth, you have the opportunity to build your own Plasma Blade! This tutorial will walk you through the exact steps of how to do so. There are two components to a Plasma Blade: a piece of Kryalite and a Hilt. These are each obtained separately, then combined at Cerela Juda in the...
  6. Miss_Strudel

    Completed Event scarfs

    Thank you for your feedback. I agree with going in the direction of making scarves more rare and clear as to what they are from. I additionally will take a look at the number of rewards we offer and attempt to find a balance of incentivizing players to complete the whole event without demanding...
  7. Miss_Strudel

    Completed Event scarfs

    I can definitely understand how fewer scarves increases the value. In my opinion though, the most difficult part of planning an event is having worthwhile rewards. We can’t have very many of the “models” category (hats, Wanda, pets, brooms, etc). What sorts of rewards would you like to see more...
  8. Miss_Strudel

    Completed Bring back earning event tokens from /games

    This was honestly an oversight on my part, I like having /games reward event tokens. If your pc is having issues, I recommend focusing on the Queen’s Maze as it only takes a couple minutes to complete and the reward is a full page. Or, you can just take a couple days to play through the...
  9. Miss_Strudel

    Under Review Bring Back the Decoration of the Courtyard for Events

    I miss them too and think having decorated courtyards generated a lot of hype for events. :( But sadly I don’t think this is something we’re able to do for the time being. The reason is that with revelius, the castle is a lot more full. There are npcs all over the place and many different blocks...
  10. Miss_Strudel

    Completed Inspiration points

    Hey, while we can definitely look into your suggestion as this could make it easier to see, if you do /me and hover over your head they are viewable there!
  11. Miss_Strudel

    Valentines in the Enchanted Valley

    This Valentine’s Day, the Fairytale Council has requested the help of Hogsworth students in the Enchanted Valley! The Fairy Godmother needs assistance in helping the town’s residents each find their own happy ending after one of the Fairytale Council members gave Villains access to the Valley...
  12. Miss_Strudel

    no, artichoke

    no, artichoke
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  14. Miss_Strudel

    Winter Waltz 2020

    The annual Winter Waltz is upon us, and this year we will be meeting some new friends! Headmistress Yamamoto has invited the Hogsworth students to celebrate the holiday festivities at Mahounoshiro School of Magic in Japan! Speak to the Headmistress just outside of the Great Hall to ride a Giant...
  15. Miss_Strudel

    On-Hold Checkpoints for Parkours

    These checkpoints are already physically built into the course. I know that this parkour in particular has been a source of frustration for newer players and personally don’t see any downside to adding tech that would tp you back to these check points to make it easier on those that aren’t as...
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  17. Miss_Strudel

    Declined Advent Calendar Winter Event

    I'm a member of the events team so I have some perspective on this though am not part of the poltergeist suggestion reviewal process. We've already been working on this year's rewards for the past month and you'll have to wait and see for the specifics of how they're obtained etc, but I can...
  18. Miss_Strudel

    Duplicate Quest Parkour

    Hi I’m not part of the Poltergeist team that will be going over your suggestion, but I would like to clarify that these bits are optional. You do not need to complete the quests to graduate and can level up in alternative ways, such as writing in classes. The instances in which a parkour or...
  19. Miss_Strudel

    On-Hold Being able to go to back to bosses anytime You feel like it

    I have somewhat mixed opinions on this. On one hand, we want players to complete the quest for themselves and letting a lvl 80 kill a boss for a lvl 50 player kinda defeats the purpose and removes any challenge. However on the other hand, we don’t have any way to prevent this if the level 80...
  20. Miss_Strudel

    Why is there no dislike option

    Why is there no dislike option