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  1. tqrpiar

    Loadouts Public Testing Session

    tqrpiar !!
  2. tqrpiar

    August 2021 Flying Tournament Sign-Up

    tqrpiar !! (serpents woo)
  3. tqrpiar

    hello new magician! welcome to potterworldmc

    hello new magician! welcome to potterworldmc
  4. tqrpiar


    credit the artist!!!!
  5. tqrpiar

    Declined Make Potterworld Parkours Harder

    I think quest parkours in the main quest-line are good as they are, but event parkours are in my eyes also extremely easy. It doesn't take long to earn a certain amount of tokens for an event or finish an event quest. Overall, you finish an event pretty quickly and adding a more challenging...
  6. tqrpiar

    Pride 2021 Giveaway

    We're popping off ign: tqrpiar
  7. tqrpiar

    7th Anniversary Competition Winners

    aye! nice job everyone :D
  8. tqrpiar

    On-Hold Very VERY VERY angry suggestion about FLYING COURSE INCONSISTENCY

    I think the inconsistency between the maps is what keeps it exciting in classes honestly it adds a nice change between everything, if all the maps are the same I feel like it'd lose some fun in it & Matty, now you know classes have barriers lol
  9. tqrpiar

    Coming soon...

    let's gooo
  10. tqrpiar

    March 2021 House Cup

    let's gooo :D serp rep serp rep serp rep
  11. tqrpiar

    On-Hold re-selling building blocks

    Hello :] pretty sure this might've been recommended or asked somewhere else, but I don't recall seeing it anywhere so might be nice I think this is a pretty common thing to buy a lot of blocks when trying things out, but eventually you end up with too many blocks you don't do anything with...
  12. tqrpiar

    Declined shift left to shift right

    ooh oops,, thanks :]
  13. tqrpiar

    Declined shift left to shift right

    Hello! This might just be a small thing but it's been distracting me and gets mildly irritating over time, the /me command also opens when shift left clicking and to many people this is their punching key Sometimes you're just mining of shift clicking towards your friends and you'll open the...
  14. tqrpiar

    On-Hold I think Wizard P.E should have more activites.

    Hello! big wiz pe fan here and I must disagree with you on that! While I understand that doing the same maps over and not getting a lot of choice on deciding which map to play, I think it's a pretty good class on the side :) there are a lot of us that like Wiz PE due it being an active class...
  15. tqrpiar

    i will literally just ban you from my account at this point

    i will literally just ban you from my account at this point
  16. tqrpiar

    On-Hold Online /friends

    Hello! This is just something that has been on my mind and I was like ah why not request it, even though PW has a limited amount of friends for a person, seeing who's online often requires you to do /friends almost 5 times to see every page Maybe having a feature where online friends are shown...