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  1. Zmiya

    Scenery Viewer

    Greetings, witches and wizards! After a lot of hard work, we are very excited to announce that the Scenery Viewer has returned and is better than ever with major improvements and upgrades! To access the Scenery Viewer, speak to Mary Weaselby in the Miscellaneous Shop at the far end of the...
  2. Zmiya

    Dungeon Escape Spell Signs

    Just to add on to your suggestion because I personally really like it, I think it'd be cool to have the spell icons in item frames for players to identify which spell to use much quicker :D
  3. Zmiya

    Under Review Party Games: Change Trivia, Buff Knockout, Remove Find The Gold

    Imo I don't see any issue with having a few luck-based games amongst the skill-based games. We have the flying minigame, quabbleball, challenges, tournaments, and other forms of competition on Potterworld so having a game where there's a little luck involved isn't so bad to me. It's not even...
  4. Zmiya

    In-Game Store & Wand Rename Addition

    The process will show you what it looks like before you confirm the name. I would take extra care and ensure you aren't accidentally rushing through it 😄
  5. Zmiya

    February Store Releases

    Greetings, witches and wizards! We are very pleased to release our newest items to the store for you all to enjoy! We have a great variety of items that will make you look amazing for Valentine's Day this month! We also have some other very unique items! The items available for purchase are...
  6. Zmiya

    Declined Discord Channel Names

    I actually really do like this idea but unfortunately only for like 10 of the channels, those being the four house channels and the six allegiance/club channels. I don't see it being confusing at all for these to have an extra 'roleplay touch' to them by changing "#serpent-chat" to...
  7. Zmiya


  8. Zmiya

    On-Hold Make Dueling Gear-Free

    We're working on it! It's a process that we, for obvious reasons, want to get right. Unfortunately, this isn't as easy as snapping our fingers and having a new system - there's a lot of concepting, planning and discussing.
  9. Zmiya

    Completed gear rant/feedback

    So I don't have anything super specific to say about this topic, but I will say this: since Curse Breaker became a role about 3 weeks ago, we've already begun working on fixing and reworking a lot of stuff. Know that this process will take time. I don't have anything specific to say because...
  10. Zmiya

    Winter Holiday Releases

    Greetings, witches and wizards! We are very excited to release some of our most unique store items in a very long time! This is our present to you all, for whichever holiday you celebrate! The items available for purchase are: Storm Petral Mount (Broom Appearance) Hippogriff Mount (Broom...
  11. Zmiya

    Declined Money/Location/Level GUI

    This is a set Minecraft feature that I believe isn't changeable. I've personally never seen the scoreboard in any other location. If you aren't a fan of it, it's always toggleable! You can do /me and click Settings and toggle it off.
  12. Zmiya

    Completed Have time reminders with written assignment classes

    When I was a Professor, I built a timer that would display a hologram counting down from a certain number of minutes depending on what the professor chooses, and obviously one of the options is for 45 minutes. The hologram was in various places in the classroom so that anyone could check how...
  13. Zmiya

    Declined Potions Classes

    As Caro said above, I noticed issues with it and I figured out a potential way to fix / reduce the issues but as I'm not in Academics anymore, I haven't put it all together. I might ask someone to do this for me though so hopefully it'll make a return! : D
  14. Zmiya

    Store Update | 11/14/2020

    Greetings, witches and wizards! As many of you have realised now, we have changed our store a bit including the new Tebex checkout. With this, we have some important information to share with you all! We have opened up a new gifting feature on the store! We expect anyone who is purchasing a...
  15. Zmiya

    I think you meant to post this on your own wall, Sal :eyes:

    I think you meant to post this on your own wall, Sal :eyes:
  16. Zmiya

    November 50% Off Sale

    Greetings, witches and wizards! It is now the month of November and as we come closer and closer to the end of the year, we also are approaching Christmas. We realise Christmas can be expensive, and so we want you all to have the opportunity to save a bit of money with this 50% off sale! We...
  17. Zmiya

    Declined The Sword of Griffin

    As much as I can sort of see this being a cool idea in the past, it wouldn't work anymore. There are probably an estimated 150+ ex and current staff members who have the Sword of Griffin as an item already. I also just don't see how this is doable as one person could just hold onto it forever...
  18. Zmiya

    Declined Allow Players to add their own reactions to Announcements

    It really just feels like an unnecessary change that would have little-to-no benefits with a lot of downsides. My point still stands about us wanting announcements to have a clean appearance, but it's also the fact that this would add another thing that we need to moderate. How it is now, with...
  19. Zmiya

    Declined Allow Players to add their own reactions to Announcements

    I actually completely disagree. As someone who makes announcements, and I'm sure many others agree with me here, I would prefer my announcement not be flooded with people's emojis from their own server, and the potential that those emojis are inappropriate. Regardless if we can delete them or...
  20. Zmiya

    Declined Remove/Change Wiz PE

    This is much easier said than done because a lot of the time when I teach my Wizard's PE classes at 4am and 2am PST, there are no other professors around. Regardless, this same argument could be made for theory classes - I'm personally not the greatest writer and so I don't attend many theory...