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  1. Pat Laetus

    On-Hold Introduce Yourself, Forum Section

    Basic Suggestion, Just think that it would be cool to see an introduce yourself section on the forums, I don't see what problems could occur and I don't see how it would be much hard to implement! This would make it so new players on the server, could go through some introductions and then get...
  2. Pat Laetus

    Duplicate Mine Depot Shop

    Simple suggestion. Make it so we can buy more than 16 or something pieces of a specific block at a time. Maybe make an option where we could buy 64, 48, 32, 16 pieces at once. Just think that it would be faster and more efficient when buying blocks.
  3. Pat Laetus

    Declined Discord Chat Integration

    Just a thought and suggestion that could be cool, I'm suggesting that it could be cool to see the server chat in the discord server, perhaps it could be a channel. Can't really think of anything that could go wrong with this, it'd be fun to see and be easier for moderators in case they miss...