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  1. Mallaidh

    Completed Make Disposal Clearer

    I've realised that for non-English speakers - or even for some English speakers - that the disposal in /me may not be entirely clear what its actually for. 'Disposal' isn't really a word we use casually, so for younger people or for some English speakers or especially for non-English speakers...
  2. Mallaidh

    On-Hold Copying Books

    If you know me, you know I love to write, and you probably also know that I change my username a lot. I hold onto all my past O+ assignments and will often copy them to send to people who want to read them, whether they just want to know what I wrote about or if they want to read them to try and...
  3. Mallaidh

    The Great Potterworld Walk

    Welcome and thank you for taking interest in what I have been planning since I first started playing Post-Revelius Potterworld! This is the Great Potterworld Walk. The Great Potterworld Walk is a walk which I have routed myself to start at Hogsworth, go through every single town in a circular...
  4. Mallaidh

    Completed Restricted Section Riddle

    Recently we've seen the return of the daily riddle, however there is one riddle that poses a pretty big problem. The riddle is, "Stowed away in the back Of this room of thought Lies an area, locked away If you dare venture in You best not get caught" and the location is inside of the restricted...
  5. Mallaidh

    PW Properties Housing Magazine

    Hello! I am happy to announce the release of my unofficial housing magazine, PW Properties! PW Properties operates on a free subscription service. Talk to me on the forums, msg me in-game or on disc (malla the zimp#6160) to be added to the subscription list. Once again this is completely FREE...
  6. Mallaidh

    On-Hold Add a future to A Future Unforetold quest

    So, the A Future Unforetold quest is sort of a hot topic about Year 1 students because of the infamous divination parkour. However, that is not the only thing I have seen mentioned about this quest - many people think, after all that, the crystal ball didn't even tell me my future! So this is...
  7. Mallaidh

    Declined Put Father Ted in Ireland

    Okay - whos up for Potterworld to have a cool reference to a cool show? This won't serve any real purpose, it's just a bit of fun and going "oh look, a father ted reference!" The idea here is literally go to the empty church in Ireland and pop in a NPC called Father Ted. That's it. Do it. I...
  8. Mallaidh

    Completed New MF Map

    Over the past few days we have seen a very exciting new addition in the Irish takeover of PW - The Quabbleball World Cup map features the Bratach na hÉireann in it! (Don't get mad, it's just our word for the tricolour/Irish flag) So, to influence this Irish minigame takeover I would like to...
  9. Mallaidh

    Declined Make 1.14 warnings mandatory!

    I attend a lot of classes, and my personal favourite has always been theory classes - I love getting O+s, house points and that 30ac which helps me with that desperate climb to my next level. There is something about theory classes that tears my heart up every time I see it - 1.14. If you're not...
  10. Mallaidh

    PotterWorld Museum!

    PotterWorld Museum Society! I am someone who is happy to say I have watched this server grow from 2014 up until now, and I would really like a place to display my own and everyone elses experiences in PotterWorld in a nice museum on my housing. I plan to start work on this when I graduate, as I...
  11. Mallaidh

    Declined Stop Serpent Cane Switching

    Okay, so can't really speak for if other wands do this but they very well might. I love my serpent cane! It's really cool and very serpent-y which is my favourite thing ;) But, when I right click it to go into my spell hotbars and inventories it turns into the serpent wand. You can cast spells...
  12. Mallaidh

    Duplicate Invis in flying

    So, I personally quite enjoy flying class. I do prefer theory/note-taking classes but flying is always nice. There is an ever-present problem however. It is almost impossible to see where you are going and avoid crashing when you are just starting out and going through the same hoop as every...
  13. Mallaidh

    Serpent Storytime! (and book club!)

    Serpent Storytime and book club! First of all, let me make this absolutely clear - this is completely public to all Serpents and you can join at any time without having to ask first! Still, just as a sort of warning for the future some of our meetings may take place in party chat because the...
  14. Mallaidh

    Serpents Storytime!

    Welcome Serpents! Every Serpent here is officially invited to join our "Serpents Storytime" in our commons! Don't worry new members - guidance and assistance in finding our common rooms is provided in case you haven't quite found it yet :) Griffins, Honeybadgers and Ravens may come to our...
  15. Mallaidh

    Declined Bring back old profession system

    Bring back the old profession system, or something similar to it! It was a massive and well developed part of the game, and it doesn't really feel like taking it out leaves a hole in the game because it was replaced by the massive and well developed questing system. Still, I miss it dearly! I...
  16. Mallaidh

    Declined Stop deleting old ingredients!

    Quite a lot of my old ingredients are suddenly getting deleted because I accidentally hold them in my hand! For the sake of my museum, nostalgia, and the collector community in PW - stop deleting our ingredients!
  17. Mallaidh

    On-Hold Bring fun potions back!

    Returning to Potterworld after years, I expected to rush back into the potion system that I had grown to know and love and even established myself as quite a skilled potioneer ;). There are many things of the new potion system I dislike, mainly me missing the old GUI with stirring...
  18. Mallaidh

    Declined Trinket for broom casting

    Some sort of trinket (obviously high level) that allows casting while you're on a broom! I
  19. Mallaidh

    Removed because of a similar thread

    Removed because a similar thread was just made!!