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  1. Aviforma

    Completed Winstreak In 1v1 Arena!

    I think it'd be really cool if you could see your current winstreak in 1v1 arena. Wouldn't it be fun to see how far you could get?
  2. Aviforma

    first - i like student gear robes

    i really like the student gear robes! it's my favorite set. how about you guys??
  3. Aviforma

    Life Hacks on PotterworldMC!

    I'll start! If you want to make invisible ink on the forums, just use this color code! [ 2A2B30 ] Make sure you enable BBCODE or whatever with the gear first, then highlight the text in your post (before posting!), press the little drop icon (Text color) and put this code within. Example: hi my...
  4. Aviforma

    give me money

    hi how are you today
  5. Aviforma

    Declined Allow Players to add their own reactions to Announcements

    It'd both draw attention to the announcements and allow for community involvement. And don't tell me inappropriate reactions are an issue, we all know that Discord lets you remove them. :D
  6. Aviforma

    Add Aviforma back to Roleplay

    In my humble opinion, I believe that Aviforma was one of the best roleplay characters to date. His story arc singlehandedly brought back the roleplay community from the brink of the abyss, and he has been left out for far too long. In addition to this, he was a character who the community loved...
  7. Aviforma

    Declined Add a #memes channel to Discord

    It's quintessential. I don't even know what that word means, but it's THAT important.
  8. Aviforma

    Declined Add a Year Requirement for Dueling Challenges

    Time and time again, we have been told dueling is now for graduates. Dueling at lower levels is simply pointless, as you will get killed in a single Vermillio. So, why do we allow younger years to attend challenges? All they do is slow the whole process down, and get one tapped for all their...
  9. Aviforma

    Completed Remove Water from Wiz PE

    It takes a really long time to swim through maps like Wipeout just to try again on the parkour. It's kinda pointless... just there to make us suffer...
  10. Aviforma

    Declined Add a Butterbrew Event

    Today in the Community Engagement *tm* we were informed that there wasn't going to be a Butterbrew event this year. This is a tradition that spans half a decade and one of Potterworld's core traditions. I'm deeply saddened to hear that we won't have the event this year. It could still get...
  11. Aviforma

    Completed Lower Scribbilifors Cooldown

    The Scribbilifors cooldown is negatively impacting my gameplay experience. Not only is it immersion breaking, but it's ruining the book meta. I now have to march over to my local book dispensing sign in order to receive a half-decent quantity of books, instead of being able to conjure them...
  12. Aviforma

    Declined Remove the House Requirement from Tournaments

    In the past, tournaments were a way for a house to show pride. They cheered on their best players as they went head to head with other players from other houses in epic battles. Now, however, houses really have nothing to do with tournaments and only act as a restriction to players wanting to go...
  13. Aviforma

    On-Hold Give a warning before major economic changes

    Sam Laverna just made 120k off of buying broom recipes from the marketplace and reselling them to the vendor... a bunch of people who had them on their shop just lost out lmao
  14. Aviforma

    On-Hold Make Dueling Gear-Free

    Let me preface with this: I miss dueling. I miss the insane combos, the shouting matches in team chats at tournaments. I miss matchups being skill based, not just gear based. I miss the crazy tactics people would come up with, like timing Vanesco and a Meteor. Using Restringo and Lumen to trap...
  15. Aviforma

    On-Hold Release a comprehensive gear list

    As nice as the Discord bot is, it's truly difficult to plan out sets of gear. It'd be really helpful to have some sort of list of gear. If one isn't released, students will probably make one themselves but that'll take a lot of unnecessary time. Please :pleading: :point_right: :point_left:
  16. Aviforma

    Declined Change the Name of Aperio Back to Aperio

    When Revelius released, the name of the spell Aperio was changed to Revelius. The former spell known as Revelius was changed to Revelum. Personally, this feels kind of... forced? It's not really critical to the update either. I propose we change it back.
  17. Aviforma

    Declined Allow Songs with Swearing in #music if they're in a spoiler

    Music is a beautiful thing. It allows emotions to be conveyed in a miraculous way. Unfortunately, many of these songs contain words that are not allowed on PotterworldMC. So, here's my idea for a solution: Allow songs with swearing to be posted in #music IF they are in a spoiler. Discord's...
  18. Aviforma

    Declined Allow Labymod Voicechat

    I know Labymod Voicechat was declined because it was incredibly difficult for moderation to moderate, but must they moderate it? Why not just make it use-at-your-own-risk, and minimize attached moderation? During the short period of Labymod Voicechat being allowed, I saw things that truly...
  19. Aviforma

    Declined Town Claiming

    Revelius has only been out for 10 minutes to the public, and already families and organizations have been claiming towns. So, why not make it official? We could have a war system, a town ownership system (you have to pay x materials each week to keep your town happy), a town pvp toggle (owners...
  20. Aviforma

    SPEW Revolution

    Welcome to the SPEW Revolution. Our goal is to liberate those who suffer injustices, no matter their allegiance or species. Together, united, we will no longer fall prey to the dictators of this land. Instead, we shall overcome them and unite all allegiances under a democratic government, in...