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  1. sewerratss

    Declined McDonalds Happy Meal

    You're here probably thinking... what in the w o r l d is she talking about? (And honestly, I don't blame you) This idea came from a conversation earlier talking about mcdonalds. Here it is: Mcdonald's happy meal box enderchest bag appearance. Obviously it can be changed from an 'M' to a 'P'...
  2. sewerratss

    Duplicate Rat Animorphus Remodel/Redesign

    Rat... So basically, I've noticed something. The pet rat has an entirely different texture and model than the animorphus rat. This really bothers me. The only reason I can think of for them to be different is because of the model. I'm not exactly sure what the model of the pet rat is though, so...
  3. sewerratss

    Duplicate end rods and beacons!!

    Hihi!! I think some of the prettiest and coolest build items are the end rods and beacons (appear as chandeliers and lanterns! :o) I'm not exactly sure why they were removed in the first place (from mine depot), but if possible, I would LOVE to see them back as that could really enhance some...
  4. sewerratss

    Declined wands!

    I found some really cute girly staffs (bc staffs > wands) that I think me and a lot of other people would enjoy! these (turned into staffs preferably), these, and yes, also these are some cute examples I found that fit exactly what I'm going for. (pretty much any wand/staff design by black-quose...