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  1. Pennox__

    Declined Potterworld Awards Ceremony

    This is an idea that came to mind as I thought it would be a fun way for the community to come together and congratulate one another on all the hard work that goes into the server each year. How would it work? There would be several categories that could be awarded - these could be for staff...
  2. Pennox__

    Declined Dragon Destruction Minigame

    Hey! So I’ve previously made a post for a Potterworld version of a Dragon Run Minigame and thought it’d be interesting to incorporate more dragons into another idea that I’ve seen, because who doesn’t like running away from them? 🤷🏻‍♂️ This is called Dragon Destruction and you essentially have...
  3. Pennox__

    Declined Miscellaneous

    Hey, I was thinking that it would be cool for a miscellaneous section to be added to the website and it could offer the community free official Potterworld digital ‘merchandise’ such as desktop/mobile wallpapers, one time collectible in-game item which can be redeemed only by your connected...
  4. Pennox__

    Declined Choice to Cancel Active Quests

    Hello, I feel it would be a helpful feature to have the choice to cancel active quests in the journal as I feel there are some quests that I personally cannot do after multiple attempts - for example, parkour. I’m just useless at parkour, sorry. I know this is something you can do when doing...
  5. Pennox__

    Declined Potterworld National Lottery

    Hey, I’ve started doing the national lottery and thought to myself “I wonder if Potterworld would implement something fun like this?” How would it work? So, each week players can choose upto five numbers ranging from 1-50 and two lucky numbers from 1-12 - one line for example, could cost 100g...
  6. Pennox__

    On-Hold Dragon Escape Minigame (PW Style)

    Hey, I was thinking that a Dragon Escape Minigame would be amazing to implement to the increasing number of mini games PW has to offer! It could be redesigned to fit a magical theme etc. Those that haven’t played the game on other servers, here is a gameplay clip that I found on YouTube to...
  7. Pennox__

    Duplicate Quest Tokens

    Hello guys, I’ve started doing the quests from year 1 and I’m stuck on the Crystal Ball parkour after multiple attempts. This means I won’t be able to complete the quest as I’m not great at parkour anyway. I was thinking, there could be ‘quest tokens’ implemented, which you can buy with...