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  1. Pennox__

    Declined Potterworld: Podcast

    I’m not to sure on this - one, because we get informative newsletters each month with the WizNewsletter and the media team do a great job on this already. It could be unofficial and you can still do the Podcast, but the staff put their time and dedication into informing the community with their...
  2. Pennox__

    March 2021 House Cup

    Well done team! Let’s continue the hard work! :serpent:
  3. Pennox__

    Declined Potterworld Awards Ceremony

    This is an idea that came to mind as I thought it would be a fun way for the community to come together and congratulate one another on all the hard work that goes into the server each year. How would it work? There would be several categories that could be awarded - these could be for staff...
  4. Pennox__

    On-Hold Vault break-in quest

    Sounds fun 😙
  5. Pennox__

    Declined Dragon Destruction Minigame

    Hey! So I’ve previously made a post for a Potterworld version of a Dragon Run Minigame and thought it’d be interesting to incorporate more dragons into another idea that I’ve seen, because who doesn’t like running away from them? 🤷🏻‍♂️ This is called Dragon Destruction and you essentially have...
  6. Pennox__

    On-Hold Feedback - Grindy Gameplay

    Hey. Every suggestion taken on board by staff shapes the server to be updated and be better but, although I understand that it can feel quite restrictive to level up, essentially the server doesn’t have an end game. There isn’t a limited time to get to a certain level and there isn’t a rush to...
  7. Pennox__

    New Assistant to Head of CM

    Congratulations! 🎉🥳
  8. Pennox__

    Duplicate MUSHROOM HATS

    Hey! I’ve just looked at the accepted section and mushroom hats have already been suggested and accepted: https://potterworldmc.com/threads/%F0%9F%8D%84-mushroom-hat-%F0%9F%8D%84.7719/
  9. Pennox__

    March Store Releases

    Bagged a Lucky Wand 🪄
  10. Pennox__

    New Assistant to Head of GD

    Congratulations! You’re going to do great 🙌🏼
  11. Pennox__

    Completed Small /me shortcuts, /disposal & /daily

    I guess there’s no harm in implementing direct commands for those that are in a rush to make space or on a quest where it’s necessary to use them. I personally would continue to use the /me command because I guess it’s only one click in the /me menu and the two options are there.
  12. Pennox__

    Declined Miscellaneous

    That’s very true. I guess they would be more like incentives. And I like Potterworld’s Miscellaneous Goodie’s! It has a little ring to it ☺️ I was thinking about the mailing system and it would require a lot of work but it could work similar to how Professors hand out items in class but the...
  13. Pennox__

    Declined Miscellaneous

    Hey, I was thinking that it would be cool for a miscellaneous section to be added to the website and it could offer the community free official Potterworld digital ‘merchandise’ such as desktop/mobile wallpapers, one time collectible in-game item which can be redeemed only by your connected...
  14. Pennox__

    Declined Choice to Cancel Active Quests

    Hello, I feel it would be a helpful feature to have the choice to cancel active quests in the journal as I feel there are some quests that I personally cannot do after multiple attempts - for example, parkour. I’m just useless at parkour, sorry. I know this is something you can do when doing...
  15. Pennox__

    On-Hold CE Event

    I attended yesterday’s Community Engagement event, which was my first and I must agree that there was a lot of confusion around what to do, where to go, whether it was necessary to be in the vc etc. I’m going off the bat with little knowledge on how these CE’s work - I’m not sure entirely if...
  16. Pennox__

    February 2021 Dueling Tournament

    Well done everyone!
  17. Pennox__

    Completed 🌚 Death Star 🌚

    I’d love to see it 🙏🏼
  18. Pennox__

    Declined Option to allow residents to add residents in housing

    I don’t think joint residency would be implemented as it could come with a lot of cons. Isn’t the thing you need from your friends plot obtainable some other way? I think maybe certain perms as Honey_Dwarf mentioned could be a thing which allows selected people to micro manage various parts of...
  19. Pennox__

    Completed Bring back earning event tokens from /games

    I’m really bad at parkour in general but I, too play on a laptop and it makes me 10x worse 😧 I’ve just been doing droppers as I seem to be pretty skilful at falling haha