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  1. RubberButt

    On-Hold Reward minigames with more gold

    Since revelius, everything has become much more expensive. So it would be normal to earn more gold than before Revelius, which is true for quests etc. But this has not happened with minigames. You still get the same amount of gold as before Revelius and that kind of makes minigames not really...
  2. RubberButt

    January 2021 Sledding Tournament Sign-Up

    RubberButt (Griffins) and TallBlondeDude (Serpents)
  3. RubberButt

    On-Hold Quabbleball (yes, again) Rule Interpretation

    "One step at a time" the bruiser nerf thread has been posted almost a month ago, this is from yesterday. If they're fixing the stall issue why not nerf bruiser aswell?
  4. RubberButt

    January 2021 Flying Tournament Sign-Up

    RubberButt, Griffins
  5. RubberButt

    On-Hold Hanukkah Items!

    A lot of people celebrate it as a global tradition and not as a religious tradition tho. I've never seen people celebrate Hanukkah who are not Jewish or have Jewish origins but that might just be me.
  6. RubberButt

    Completed gear rant/feedback

    I definitely agree with all of this. Gear was a huge mistake and it made a lot of players quit.
  7. RubberButt

    On-Hold Hanukkah Items!

    These hats and "Christmas" related items have nothing to do with the religious part tho. Although the mistletoe and Christmas tree hat could be considered religious, I don't think anything else is very religious. And as Sunnya said it has become a global cultural tradition.
  8. RubberButt

    Declined Make sledding (or something related) a permanent minigame

    So you don't want any racing game being added at all lmao? Just cause there is flying already?
  9. RubberButt

    Declined Make sledding (or something related) a permanent minigame

    So I think everyone would love a permanent minigame the same as sledding. Although I understand sledding is very christmas themed I think it could be cool to like change it, so it's not christmas themed anymore but keep the same concept.
  10. RubberButt

    Duplicate Nerf bruiser

    Bruisers are still very op. You don't even have to be extremely good at it to keep a passer on the ground, and with two bruisers it's very easy. They nerfed the left click ability but not the right click ability. I do agree that there should be a balance between scoring, I like Tall's idea about...
  11. RubberButt

    Duplicate Nerf bruiser

    a good cause
  12. RubberButt

    Duplicate Nerf bruiser

    So I feel like bruiser is still too OP in qb and I think it should be nerfed even more since it's so easy to keep people on the ground. This basically prevents them from playing.
  13. RubberButt

    Declined Remove/Change Wiz PE

    I agree Wiz Pe maps are way too difficult. They should have atleast a few maps that are a bit easier to finish. Although, I definitely don't think Wiz Pe should be removed.
  14. RubberButt

    ty sir

    ty sir
  15. RubberButt

    On-Hold Fix lag on new QB map

    Thank you for disabling it until it is fixed!
  16. RubberButt

    On-Hold Fix lag on new QB map

    It’s only on the world cup map because when it’s the normal map there is no lag. I played a few games and it was always only on the world cup map. Everyone just has an extremely high ping on that map and I have no idea why.