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  1. RubberButt

    On-Hold Reward minigames with more gold

    Since revelius, everything has become much more expensive. So it would be normal to earn more gold than before Revelius, which is true for quests etc. But this has not happened with minigames. You still get the same amount of gold as before Revelius and that kind of makes minigames not really...
  2. RubberButt

    Declined Make sledding (or something related) a permanent minigame

    So I think everyone would love a permanent minigame the same as sledding. Although I understand sledding is very christmas themed I think it could be cool to like change it, so it's not christmas themed anymore but keep the same concept.
  3. RubberButt

    Duplicate Nerf bruiser

    So I feel like bruiser is still too OP in qb and I think it should be nerfed even more since it's so easy to keep people on the ground. This basically prevents them from playing.
  4. RubberButt

    On-Hold Fix lag on new QB map

    For some reason the new Quabbleball map gives a lot of ping lag to players which makes it almost unplayable. So I want to suggest that this bug gets fixed and meanwhile please remove the new map because it ruins the game now.
  5. RubberButt

    Completed A new Quabbleball map

    I think every Quabbleball player would love to have a new map added to the game. It's always the standard map right now and it would be fun to have some other maps added aswell. I'm not sure if this has already been suggested but I couldn't find it so I decided to make this thread.