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  1. Joe_Magus

    Declined Is Duelling an American Sport?

    This month, there has not been a scheduled duelling class before 3am GMT - UK Time Not saying they all need to be different times - but this is every duelling. It goes without saying - Europe and Oceania get the short end of the stick when it comes to classes, due to the lack of professors in...
  2. Joe_Magus

    Tank Build (High Defence, High Health, High Debuff)

    Used Sam's layout, because it seemed pretty concise! I've highlighted the strong points of this set in green! Gear Pieces: - Hood of the Assassin (Level 79) - Cloak of Fantasia (Level 80) - Penultimate Greaves (Level 80) - Hermes' Treads (Level 80) - Ring of Malefic Intent (Level 80) - Gauntlet...
  3. Joe_Magus

    On-Hold New Scenery Idea - and an event to implement it!

    So I thought it would be really cool if there was a Hobbiton (The Shire) Scenery! I imagined hills surrounding the plot with Hobbit holes and lots of colourful flowers. With the Party tree at the centre back! :D...
  4. Joe_Magus

    Declined The Big Freeze - January 2021

    If you were part of Duelling Class the other day - We did "Freeze" duelling in which Graduates were sent first. 5 seconds in, the whole class lagged out and people couldn't move for several minutes. Eventually it came to, but many players had died through lag and it looked like it would have...
  5. Joe_Magus

    On-Hold New Potion

    Splash Heal potions - as a Healer this would be useful in the future dungeons with friends.
  6. Joe_Magus

    On-Hold /Friends GUI

    An idea where instead of /friends bringing up a list of people in chat and then having to do /friend 4 if you're popular and have more than 40 friends - for it to bring up a GUI (Such as the Friends Housing one) and have indicators for online or not. Example - ago*
  7. Joe_Magus

    Declined /housing in wilderness

    So - today I found out why /housing isn't available everywhere - turns out it cause people are cheating with macros! Although - this is not a good fix for a bad situation. Similar to Paintings costing more so people would use less of them. If possible - my suggestion is to add code so that you...
  8. Joe_Magus

    Magus Square - Photo Reel

  9. Joe_Magus

    Declined Level-Cap increase and New area idea

    So, I'm unsure if the Level-cap has ever changed or if it has always been 80, but I have seen in most MMORPG's they would increase the level-cap when they add extensions, creating more content for people who have reached the cap. I know we have Dungeons coming out eventually, providing more...
  10. Joe_Magus

    Declined Make /Gear concealable

    [Please read through the thread prior to voting!] With the server being very competitive-orientated when it comes to Duelling - with Challenges and Tournaments and so on - I think people should have the ability to conceal their gear set up. At the moment anyone can check your weaknesses and...
  11. Joe_Magus

    Declined Money/Location/Level GUI

    Why put it on the right blocking the wand and not the left in a corner? I understand if that is the way the mod is set out - but if that's the case - I wouldn't bother at all. I understand that the work on implementing things is difficult and that the way particular mods are set out, making...
  12. Joe_Magus

    Revelius Broom Crafting [Guide & Prices]

    Please keep in mind all values here are the MINIMUM you could possibly pay for materials on the market. If you are buying them in bulk - expect quick increases in the cost - Do not take these values as fact as they are always subject to change, especially when buying over 100 of each material. I...
  13. Joe_Magus

    Call to all Store Traders... [The New Value of Gold]

    So, in recent days I have been speaking with people in the community about store trades, and what I will say in this will surely have a mixed reaction. It's clearly evident, the update to Revelius has added are larger flow of gold into the Server. My own example is pre-Revelius I struggled to...
  14. Joe_Magus

    On-Hold /Games - Auto Join Button

    An idea to implement and extra option when entering the /games gui called <Auto Join> It would act as a que for players who don't mind what game they play to join whatever game is starting next. If 2 people are in the Auto Join Que and 2 are in the Flying Que - Flying could start or 3 in the...
  15. Joe_Magus

    Duplicate Reintroduce Games Master with a smaller reward [UPDATE - Re-introduce Potterworld Legend all together!]

    Title says it all - I used to do all of my daily activities and attempt Potterworld Legend runs from time to time - I feel like with the removal of Games Master and Potterworld Legend, most of my incentive to complete daily activities has been deprived and therefore I have not bothered with any...
  16. Joe_Magus

    Duplicate Spar in the Wilderness

    So obviously PvP on the new map would be cool - especially with the Town RP that is now starting. Although, for the obvious reasons of level difference, it would be unfair for newer players. So I thought it would be cool if there was a 'Spar' feature - in which you can request to duel someone...
  17. Joe_Magus

    Magus Graphics - Commissions & Renders (Animation Update)

    Active Commissions: 1 Completed Commissions: 10 Currently not taking Commissions Hey everyone - Looking to fill my time and make some Gold whilst I do it - so I will be running graphics commissions - Renders, Signatures .... Rendered Signatures! PRICE CHART RENDERS All Skin Renders will be...
  18. Joe_Magus

    Declined Residents being able to place Shopkeepers

    Would it be possible, technically, for a resident on your plot to place their shopkeeper on your plot, as opposed to their own? The idea, is one that families would be able to build a market-style area and each place their shopkeepers. Then secondly - what do people think of this Idea, would...
  19. Joe_Magus

    On-Hold Broom Appearances Idea

    Hey everyone! So I am a lover of the broom appearances, although, one thing I found about almost all of them is that they are bigger and clunkier than any regular broom. So my Idea was to bring some sleeker - more broom-like brooms to the store and through that interlace the Houses, Allegiances...
  20. Joe_Magus

    Declined Housing Scenery suggestions

    I mentioned some of these the other day and I know a builder or two said they would write them down, It was an Idea for a few more Housing Sceneries. Vertik Alley Scenery Mundane Lane Scenery Grimmauld Lane Scenery Hogsend Train Station Scenery (Where the entrance is the Station)