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  1. Joe_Magus

    Under Review PvP Battlegrounds.

  2. Joe_Magus

    On-Hold Broom Appearances Idea

  3. Joe_Magus

    Declined Add Lacerum Incisis in the Restricted Section

    I do agree - the longer you leave this spell as unobtainable, the more unfair it becomes.
  4. Joe_Magus

    cant join to mc server

    Hey! It’s easy to change your version if it’s your first time! When you first start Minecraft, instead of pressing play, go to the installastions tab and set up a new version between 1.10.1 and 1.13.3 :D then play! See you soon!
  5. Joe_Magus

    Joining the Server

    Yes, of course! So restart minecraft - but before pressing play - click the installations/version tab and create a new version between 1.10 and 1.13.2 then back on the menu, switch to it in the bottom left corner and you will be able to get on just fine! :D hope it all works out!
  6. Joe_Magus

    Declined Housing Roleplay Suggestion

    Yeah, unfortunately I can never see this being accepted. Although I'm sure it could be really cool - It just wouldn't be added.
  7. Joe_Magus

    Declined Housing Roleplay Suggestion

    Like command blocks but all you can have it do is put automated text in local chat?
  8. Joe_Magus

    On-Hold Broom Appearances Idea

    Yes :)
  9. Joe_Magus

    Declined Smoke Trail Broom Skin.

    Yeh this would be cool - as Honey_Dwarf said they wouldn't be adding it to the packages anytime soon as they have just updated them - but I would buy this fo sho - maybe different colours :P or it matches your wand effect colour like appareo :P
  10. Joe_Magus

    Declined Money/Location/Level GUI

    It's actually quite nice in the corner - you can change it's size too - and its just preference to have the other info above it - it could be below- Labymod is pog
  11. Joe_Magus

    Declined Is Duelling an American Sport?

    Almost definitely agree - I don't think the minority should be forgotten about though! There is still around 100 people on through those hourse and maybe more classes would bring more players in those timezones. I know they do surprise classes, but imagine a new player joining - missing the...
  12. Joe_Magus

    Declined Is Duelling an American Sport?

    Completely agree.
  13. Joe_Magus

    Declined Confundo making you confused to attack other's and teammates

    Maybe not hitting their teammates cause it would be difficult to force say a stupificus in a 180 direction from your wand - but HP universe does have spells backfiring - they could hit yourself much like a successful protello block would do! Countered with finite - but you would have to be fast...
  14. Joe_Magus

    On-Hold A revival Spell

    This hurt my eyes. But I like the ideas that have been spoken here :D you've got some great ideas Tuna! keep 'em coming! Can we change it then so when you pass out - and regain consciousness, instead of it coming up in big red letters "YOU DIED" it could come up saying "You passed out!"
  15. Joe_Magus

    Declined Is Duelling an American Sport?

    Having had some time to reflect a little on everything that has been spoken about - I'm going to relate back to my question - Since posting and speaking to people about my application - they have come forward with their own stories - There was one, where the staff member had applied 4/5 times...
  16. Joe_Magus

    second year first quest

    So they should just be on the left of her about 2/3 blocks up! If you have particles turned off you wont see them! To turn particles on - Settings - Video Settings - Performance I believe and its under particles :) My settings may be different on my version (Labymod and Optifine) - but it will...
  17. Joe_Magus

    Declined Is Duelling an American Sport?

    You are right - this is the overall problem - the Thread originally was to try and get more duelling, specifically, scheduled at European times - but "They Cannot" Thanks Sinelius :)
  18. Joe_Magus

    Declined Is Duelling an American Sport?

    Yes agree - Sometimes the /nc is 18/19hours :')
  19. Joe_Magus

    Declined Is Duelling an American Sport?

    I agree - they need to have someone who is running the class - and understand that RL comes before the game - I'm the same myself. I think there should be the option to pick what you want to teach ect, but at the same time - It really shouldn't be an option of say "I'm doing Charms and History...
  20. Joe_Magus

    Declined Scaling up the XP from Daily Challenges

    Like the idea - the only problem I see with this part is people paying to level up alts or their friends - although it does introduce what would be a pretty large cash drop. Cash drop meaning, a mechanic that would take gold out of the game so that the economy doesn't inflate too quickly. Some...