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  1. Sunnya

    Coming Soon...

    The return of Zirxas has brought terror with him upon the magical world. Help Kyla surpass his trials and traps to defeat him once and for all through our very first gauntlet. Gauntlets are instance-based battles that can be played with a group. They will be for max-level players (level 80)...
  2. Sunnya

    Potterwatch Performer Applications

    We are so excited to announce that Performer Applications are reopening! Performer is a non-staff position that involves working with the Potterwatch Directors to create content for the YouTube channel. They'll have the opportunity to participate in videos and streams, as well as leave feedback...
  3. Sunnya

    Map biomes and seasons - Resubmission

    Hello, I'll be responding to this suggestion to prevent any further confusion about the decision made by the Leadership Team and to avoid any other conflict. I apologize for the wording in the decision on your original suggestion. Hopefully, this can serve as a better explanation. World Map...
  4. Sunnya

    Winter 2021 Competitions Winners

    Congratulations guys! :heart:
  5. Sunnya

    Rainforest Releases & Sale

    Greetings Witches & Wizards! With our adventures in Brazil for the holidays, we are excited to announce our newest themed store items. These items will allow you to better immerse yourself into our Winter Waltz event and experience the wonders of Brazil even after the holidays! The new store...
  6. Sunnya

    Coming Soon...

    Headmistress Sampaio has decided to host the Winter Waltz and welcome all magical students from around the world to join the holiday festivities in Brazil!
  7. Sunnya

    Allegiance Store Items

    Greetings Witches & Wizards! The Store Manager team is excited to announce that our allegiance items have made a return! We understand that these are popular items and so we hope you all are just as excited as we are. Here is a list of all of our allegiance items on the store: Dark Follower...
  8. Sunnya

    [COLOR=rgb(147, 101, 184)]ILYYYYY[/COLOR] :heart: - :heart:

    [COLOR=rgb(147, 101, 184)]ILYYYYY[/COLOR] :heart: - :heart:
  9. Sunnya

    The Deep Forest Store Releases

    Greetings witches and wizards! The Store Managers are excited to share our newest batch of store releases (and return of the club packages). With our forest-themed release, we have: NEW - Werewolf Scenery: Live amongst other werewolves at their camp. This scenery is perfect for avid...
  10. Sunnya

    Halloween 2021 Competitions

    No worries! I can fix it up/update it on our end. :heart:
  11. Sunnya

    Halloween 2021 Competitions

    This spooky season, we will be hosting a skin competition and a build competition. As these are two separate competitions, players are able to enter both! Both competitions will follow the same timeline, so be sure to enter while you can. Competition Timeline October 17 - Submission period is...
  12. Sunnya

    Spooky Store Releases & Sale

    Greetings witches and wizards! As Halloween approaches, we come bearing our Halloween seasonal items and a sale! We have some new permanent store items, new seasonal items, and returning seasonal items. The seasonal items will only be on our store for one month (until November 16th), so get...
  13. Sunnya

    PW-tober 2021 Prompts & Raffle

    Wooo exciting!
  14. Sunnya

    WizNetworker Applications

    Good luck to those who apply! :D
  15. Sunnya

    Back to Hogsworth Store Releases

    Hello witches and wizards! We're excited to bring you this month's newest batch of store items, and we've also revamped a couple! Here are our 'Back to Hogsworth' releases: NEW Pet Badger: Adopt this cute, cuddly badger as your pet. Beware, strangers! They are very protective and will bite or...
  16. Sunnya

    3D Arithmancer Applications

    We're excited to get new members! :D Good luck to those who decide to apply!
  17. Sunnya

    On-Hold Hanukkah Items!

    Hello @Keira :D, Thank you so much for your suggestion! We fully understand all the points made on this thread and we appreciate the time everyone here took to share their thoughts & additional information. We will look into items add, however, we will not be adding most of the items suggested...
  18. Sunnya

    August 2021 Flying Tournament Sign-Up

    Sunnya (Serpents)
  19. Sunnya

    Summer Visual Arts Competition Winners

    Congratulations to our winners and a big thank you to everyone who participated!
  20. Sunnya

    The person on the right looks really cute <3 - <3

    The person on the right looks really cute <3 - <3