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  1. alexa

    Summer Visual Arts Competition Winners

    Hello Witches and Wizards! Finally, the judging period has come to a close for the Summer Visual Arts Competition! There were so many incredibly talented artists who submitted pieces and choosing the top 3 winners was no easy feat. As a special thanks for entering, we’ve decided to award all...
  2. alexa

    Summer Visual Arts Competition

    For this year's Summer Beach Party event, we're hosting a new competition for our artistic players! You’re not going to want to miss out on entering this competition because everyone who enters will be earning some house points toward their Potterworld house! However, the top three places will...
  3. alexa

    Declined More In-Game Privileges for Werewolves and S.P.E.W.

    As the other Allegiances have a chat, spell notification, and tag color, perhaps these two "Clubs" could as well. The tag might be more of a stretch since colors are similar. However, a spell notification for the Werewolf Howl spell for the Werewolves would be nice along with our own chat in...
  4. alexa

    Completed Werewolf Base

    The Werewolves may not be an "Allegiance," however we are still a species and "Club" within the community. For this purpose I believe the Werewolves deserve a base. It doesn't even have to be secret, just a place for Werewolves to be together and talk. Have a place to be themselves. Thanks for...