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  1. oPitfed_

    Talents Player Testing

    IGN: oPitfed_ Level: 80 Discord: Pitfeed#9540
  2. oPitfed_

    March 2022 Dueling Tournament Sign-Up

    oPitfed_ :serpent:
  3. oPitfed_

    March 2022 Flying Tournament Sign-Up

    oPitfed_ :serpent:
  4. oPitfed_

    Declined Loadouts Changes

    I also wanna add that increase jinx cooldown reduction doesn't help (as was done for jinx master class-31% to -36%) since u will get even more cooldown due to mana. I'd suggest taking some tests with classes before doing some changes, maybe with some duelists.
  5. oPitfed_

    Completed Love, Lace and Death

    If we make lacerum obtainable for anyone, then it would be better to disable it for pvp and just use it for PvE/Gauntlets in my opinion
  6. oPitfed_

    On-Hold Stupificus cancel baulectrium tick

    also propulso could be an option
  7. oPitfed_

    Under Review dueling practice

    Hi, since, by now, the dueling community is disappearing, I got an idea that concerns a kind of separate mode (the current dueling halls) but in which everyone is level 80, and consequently with 30 spell points and all the spells unlocked. This mode could include a duel selection that can also...
  8. oPitfed_

    January 2022 Dueling Tournament Sign-Up

    sneaky snake oPitfed_ and cczz from th raven house backup: SergioVDM griffin
  9. oPitfed_

    January 2022 Flying Tournament Sign-Up

    its oPitfed_ not oPitfed L, also serpents>
  10. oPitfed_

    Declined Balance for loadouts (jinx buff)

    Hi, I made up my mind to write this post as it became impossible for me to duel using a setup I like (jinx master)... By now all duelists are Charms master, due to (in my opinion) the complete difference from other classes, I just want to highlight what I mean by saying that charms master has a...
  11. oPitfed_

    December 2021 Winter Waltz Flying Tournament Sign-Up

    oPitfed_ :raven: lightning_boss :raven: ColaCinema :serpent: bassieenadriaan1 :serpent: Andyreu :serpent:
  12. oPitfed_

    Declined Add A Turkey Picture for the November Flying Tournament Sign-Up Announcement

    oPitfed_ :raven: lightning_boss :raven: SergioVDM :griffin: ColaCinema :serpent:
  13. oPitfed_

    2021 Season 3 Arena Champions

  14. oPitfed_

    October 2021 Dueling Tournament Sign-Up

    oPitfed_ :raven:, RuuTus :honeybadger:, _Navyy :griffin: