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  1. Aglyn

    Completed Add a ‘DIVORCE’ emote

    Hello witches and wizards I believe it would be really cool to see a ‘divorce’ emote since we have a propose and marry one. Something along the lines like ‘Aggie has decided to divorce xmye’ To support my point further just like we find crushes or someone we love many people find themselves...
  2. Aglyn

    Duplicate Friend Capacity

    I strongly believe that friend Capacity should be increased a little bit more. Currently we are able to add up to 50 players as friends while it is a fairly good number, in my opinion it could seem a little unfair too. Even if it meant increasing it as little as up to 60. While the players that...
  3. Aglyn

    On-Hold Trading event tokens

    Hello wizards and witches of potterworld I'm not sure if someone has mentioned this before so i do apologise if it has been said. What if we were able to trade our event tokens to those in need. For example if someone has already bought everything that they wanted and no longer has use for them...
  4. Aglyn

    Declined Choosing maps

    Hey Potterworld witches and wizards!!! I think it would be a cool idea if players were able to choose the map type we compete on in mini games. For example FLYING mini game has a quite a big range of maps that are available and in the count down when we get prepared to fly id be nice to pick...