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    Game Design Restructure

    Salutations Everyone! We would like to update you all on a change we are making within our Game Design Department on staff. We are shifting teams around internally to help us focus on better and more evergreen (meaning it won’t go away) content moving forward. As always, we try to evaluate...
  2. Droobledore

    Warp Key Bag Update

    Salutations everyone! A small update for you all, we have added an informational menu at the beginning of the Warp Key Bag in order to help first-time users understand how to use it! For our veteran users there is an option to toggle off the information to continue normal function! Thank you all!
  3. Droobledore

    Introducing Housemasters

    Salutations everyone! Today we are excited to talk about a small change we are making with our current "Head of House" role! From today forward, we are going to be rebranding our 4 "Head of Houses" to become a team of "Housemasters"! We also are welcoming a couple of new members to the team...
  4. Droobledore

    New Assistant to Head of GD

    Congratulations to @xAutumnn for her promotion to Assistant Head of Game Design! Autumn has demonstrated her growth and experience over leading the Game Design team as a whole and we are excited to see what she will accomplish as our newest member of the Head Staff Team! She joined the Game...
  5. Droobledore

    Thoughts and Actions on our current world…

    Salutations Potterworld Community, In the last several months, we have seen protests surfacing in every US state and around the world. Many people, including us, feel the pain and anger over racial and social injustice in society, and the inequality is clear – change is overdue. This world has...