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  1. Deniz

    Development Blog - July 2022

    Greetings witches, wizards, and all magical folk alike! Welcome to the fourth Technology and Development blog! We’ve seen continuous great support for the previous ones, which we’re so happy to see. As a result, we mention some really exciting things in this blog that we’re super excited for...
  2. Deniz

    Housemaster Discontinuation

    Greetings everyone! After much deliberation and consideration, we have come to the decision to discontinue the Housemaster role. We’d like to thank all current, and previous, housemasters and heads of houses for their work and contributions to their role. It has not gone unnoticed! What about...
  3. Deniz

    Development Blog - June 2022

    Greetings witches, wizards and all magical folk alike! Welcome to the third Technology & Development blog! We’ve seen great feedback from the first and second ones, so there’s been no reason not to continue! If you haven’t read the first two blogs, you can do so here: May Development Blog...
  4. Deniz

    Development Blog - May 2022

    Greetings witches, wizards and all magical folk alike! Welcome to the second Technology & Development blog! We saw great feedback from the first one, so this is something we definitely are interested in continuing for the time being. If you haven’t read the first blog, we highly recommend you...
  5. Deniz

    Development Blog - April 2022

    None as of now, but I realistically don't think it's gonna happen. Our DB currently is in some areas (mostly older stuff) a bit messy. There are documents that have fields of multiple types (sometimes even nested different types), and Java is kind of super bad when it comes to this (because it's...
  6. Deniz

    Development Blog - April 2022

    Not necessarily, but maybe- it's generally something that's been suggested throughout the past couple of years, and something we've been considering adding. Once we get further down the list and to this point, we'll re-evaluate the entire idea- so there's still a chance it might get denied...
  7. Deniz

    Development Blog - April 2022

    Greetings witches, wizards and all magical folk alike! Welcome to the very first Technology & Development blog! Our goal with these blogs is to shed more light into how the Development Team works behind the scenes, what we’re working on and what we plan on working on in the near future. It may...
  8. Deniz

    Introducing Guilds: Part 1

    Greetings witches and wizards! Back in 2015, Droobledore teased the concept of Guilds to the public in this particular podcast. Let’s just say things didn’t go as planned, and guilds had to get postponed.. by 7 years! It, therefore, brings us much excitement to finally stand here and announce...
  9. Deniz

    RESOLVED Server Maintenance: April 17

    Hey everyone! We will be putting the server into maintenance mode next Sunday at 10 AM UTC/3 AM PST to perform some long-awaited updates to our infrastructure. During this maintenance, the entire server will be offline and players will not be able to connect. This includes the hub and...
  10. Deniz

    Feedback Friends Feedback - Development Team

    This is already a thing! If you do /f list, you can hover over their name and see when they were last online :)
  11. Deniz

    Feedback Friends Feedback - Development Team

    Hey everyone! The Development team is currently planning on going through some of our older plugins and giving them a bit of a makeover. One of the plugins we’re starting with is Friends! There’s no ETA for this, but it is something we have planned - and with this, we’d love to hear if you...
  12. Deniz

    Feedback Staff feedback

    This will be my last comment on this thread - I, personally, don't think this is the place to go back and fourth, and I merely commented here to defend myself and provide the missing context (considering the call-out in the screenshots). If you want to continue this conversation, feel free to...
  13. Deniz

    Feedback Staff feedback

    As I’m in one of those screenshots, I feel it’s a bit important that I provide the context for those screenshots, and the entire situation in general: Before those messages in the screenshot, I had only retrieved around 7 drachmas that I had given to a random temple- but when I was online, not...
  14. Deniz

    Quabbleball Maintenance

    Quabbleball has been put in maintenance mode for the time being so it can receive some needed attention and changes. We do not know when it’ll be back. We’ll post an announcement once it’s back, but I wouldn’t expect it to be for a couple of weeks. We hope you understand! Thank you!
  15. Deniz

    Engineer Applications: Open

    Hey everyone! For the first time ever, we’re super excited to be announcing that we’re opening Engineer applications! Engineers are responsible for making the spells, as well as the mobs, that you see on the server. Spells are created using NathanWolf’s Magic plugin. Mobs are created using...
  16. Deniz

    Java & Web Developer Applications: Open

    Hey everyone! We’re super excited to announce that for the first time in more than 5 years, we’re opening Developer applications! We currently have spots open for Web Development and Java Development. If these are areas that interest you, we definitely advise you to check out the applications...
  17. Deniz

    CM & Tech and Dev: Leadership Changes

    Hey everyone! We’re super excited to announce that EricaEH has become the new Head of Community Management! There is no one else I would want to have this title. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with her, and I know that CM is in safe hands. I’m super proud of how far she’s come, and how...
  18. Deniz

    Network Issues- SOLVED!

    This has been resolved, and you are now able to connect and play again! We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We're currently experiencing an issue with one of our back-end servers, crashing the entire network. We're investigating the issue, but full transparency, we don't expect...
  19. Deniz

    New Minigame: Party Games!

    Greetings witches, wizards, and all magical folk alike! It brings us much excitement to announce that after 2 years, and nearly 5 months, we’re super excited to release our new permanent minigame: Party Games! Party Games is a fast-paced, exciting minigame that chooses 6 random game modes for...
  20. Deniz

    Declined Bring Back Choosable Teams in Quabbleball

    Hey everyone! I think this is a very good discussion, and a good one to have! You all bring up some very good points. I don't think there's a "right" or "wrong" answer in this situation, it's just figuring out what we want Quabbleball to be. While some of these points have already been...