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  1. Jake Cresswell

    Declined Shrek Store Releases

    Shrek is amazing, so why not add it to Potterworld Shrek Store Release Ideas: - Donkey Pet - Shrek's swamp housing scenery - Emote pack (do the roar, what are ye doin in ma swamp?, True love's kiss, signs a magical contract, asks about the muffin man) - Shrek horns headband hat - Ogre Axe Wand...
  2. Jake Cresswell

    Valentines Event 2022 (An Unofficial Guide)

    I noticed that many people were unsure how to get started, so here is a brief guide on all of the amazing features of this event and how they work. I found all this through the NPCs in the event, so if you need more detail check those out. Enjoy! Getting Started: Speak to Kevin near the great...
  3. Jake Cresswell

    Completed Warp Bag Update

    The warp bag is a really helpful item for getting to quests, especially with the extra warp slot purchased. Despite this, I often find myself using my warp to the Great Hall to get to other places such as events, and then once there I cannot return due to my warp being on cooldown. For example...
  4. Jake Cresswell

    Declined Housepoint Counters

    I don't know if this has been suggested before but I think the house point hourglasses in the great hall should mirror the current housepoint totals. Maybe it would have to be particles so that the map doesn't have to be changed but even then it would still be cool. Like every 5000 housepoints...