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  1. Ivan_

    Under Review Make the Revenant dungeon give EXP

    I think they said it's a large amount per each boss. You can check on wiki how much that is. Edit - i found it. You should get this much per boss + another large reward from daily for defeating wraith + a huge reward if u beat Zirxas (the numbers in column right). So 5* large and one huge reward...
  2. Ivan_

    2020-23 Recap

    right Well the server didnt change *drastically* since then - Spell trees were removed and talents were reworked & returned - Gear no longer effects PVP, it doesnt have durability, the crafting is removed - Broom crafting is still a thing, but it got an update - Revenant quest was rereleased -...
  3. Ivan_

    2020-23 Recap

    were you there at the beginning of revelius or you have missed that as well?
  4. Ivan_

    On-Hold Make Updating Potterworld to newer versions of minecraft a higher priority

    i believe the current plan is to update to 1.16, so sadly we wont be getting the bigger build limit quite yet.
  5. Ivan_

    The First Year Experience

    The confusion that was made with separating the FYE from the actual world is horrible. First of all, all of those people show on the same tab which is confusing even to me as a graduate. And then making new people enter this empty world without any actual players and happenings doesnt seem quite...
  6. Ivan_

    Appleby Village Transport

    it is, but the boat is kinda far away from the village
  7. Ivan_

    Completed option to turn off player visibility in flying

    what about challenges/classes??
  8. Ivan_

    Under Review new hide and seek maps

    Ireland and Greek hide and seek maps are way too big and unbalanced compared to the rest of the maps.
  9. Ivan_

    Prisoners Of Alakazam

  10. Ivan_

    Duplicate Suggestions

    . . . . Then why is the discord discussion not being addressed? I've had just two people reply to this thread and they both brought up discord. Considering all the things I quoted here, that must've been addressed. This happened to me personally way too many times where I gave alternative...
  11. Ivan_

    Town Rep Task Exp Balance

  12. Ivan_

    Under Review Get rid of Minigames Maps Rotation

    I personally like the map rotation overall but the 3 month+ gap does seem like a very long time. With time we will only get more maps that will be added to hns, so I think that should be the main thing - games like flying and hide and seek should get maps more often, while for some other games...
  13. Ivan_

    The room of hidden things

    It's on the 7 floor. The easiest way to get there is probably from Griffin common room, which you can teleport to with Prefect NPC. Once you're there, just go down the hall opposite from the entrance to common room, and once you see empty wall on your right, click on it and a door will appear.
  14. Ivan_

    Discord™️ channel counting Scandal (REAL) (3:00 AM) (GONE WRONG)

    This has nothing to do with counting tho. Let it cease in peace it that's the case
  15. Ivan_

    January 2023 Sledding Tournament Sign-Up

    _Navyy :griffin:
  16. Ivan_

    Make WizPE Great Again

    i disagree, i think wiz pe should stay parkour, because at the end of the day, thats what it always was. Maybe involve qb in some other type of class, but im not sure how it would work with many ppl and the lag. About wiz pe, i do agree that wiz pe is repetitive in a way, but thats because a new...
  17. Ivan_

    January 2023 Flying Tournament Sign-Up

    _Navyy :griffin:
  18. Ivan_

    Under Review Q&A

    That is a great idea. I will add that we already have droobletalk and even tho those videos arent really answering the questions directly, I do notice that Drooble addresses a lot of the things that players have been asking about, including my own questions/concerns.
  19. Ivan_

    Monthly Art Giveaway - January 2023

    Omg i won 😄 thanks y'all