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  1. jenn astrial

    Growth Store Releases

    Greetings, witches and wizards! The Store team is delighted to announce the Growth Store Releases! This releases includes 6 beautiful and magical items that are perfect for the upcoming spring season. The items are as follows: The Ivy Gem Staff: Use enchanting crystals and nature to enhance...
  2. jenn astrial

    Valentine's 2023 Giveaway

    To my dearest beloved Tillsel (@tilllyy) (saviour and hero of PW), You are the tillyrawr to my jennrawr, the bloombaddie to my stellashawty, the chqsingcars to my snowpqtrol, the clqiro to my cqvetown....... Please play valorant and stardew with me again... thanks for letting me into the ginger...
  3. jenn astrial


  4. jenn astrial

    January 2023 Sledding Tournament Sign-Up

    cqvetown :raven: Engel_M :honeybadger:
  5. jenn astrial

    Aurora Borealis Store Releases

    Greetings, witches and wizards! The Store team is thrilled to announce the Aurora Borealis Store Releases on this New Year's Day! This mesmerising release includes three new and beautiful items that will allow you to channel the northern lights in your magic. The items are as follows: NEW The...
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  7. jenn astrial

    December 2022 Winter Waltz Sledding Tournament Sign-Up

    cqvetown :raven: Kasologies :serpent: Enzologies :honeybadger: Davologies :honeybadger: BACKUP: Invisibilia :raven:
  8. jenn astrial


  9. jenn astrial

    Emote Update & Sale

    Greetings, witches and wizards! The Store team is excited to announce our latest project, the Emote Update and Sale! We have implemented a ton of quality of life suggestions to our emotes system and we hope you will enjoy them! These new additions include: You are now able to sort through your...
  10. jenn astrial

    Declined Tilly Statue in New Arena Halls

  11. jenn astrial

    2022 Season 2 Arena Champions

    hawties take over egg is my inspiration so slay congrats everyone
  12. jenn astrial

    June 2022 Star Racing Tournament Sign-Up

    cqvetown :raven:
  13. jenn astrial

    Meadow Store Releases

    these are so adorable
  14. jenn astrial

    January 2022 Sledding Tournament Sign-Up

    tillyrawr :honeybadger: CruelDuarte :griffin: jennrawr :raven:
  15. jenn astrial

    [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)][B]THIS IS A TEST [/B][/COLOR][COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)][B]THIS IS ALSO...

    [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)][B]THIS IS A TEST [/B][/COLOR][COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)][B]THIS IS ALSO A TEST[/B][/COLOR]
  16. jenn astrial

    Winter Waltz 2021