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  1. Kate

    Coming Soon - Valentine's 2023

    SLAY @xcharlotte !!! i'm so excited for everyone to play this amazing event <3 <3
  2. Kate

    Gameplay Update 1.8.2 [January 8th 2023]

  3. Kate

    Aurora Borealis Store Releases

  4. Kate

    Declined Get a tournament streamer

    I would love if this position was brought back!
  5. Kate

    On-Hold Tommy Riddle NPC Locations on /map

    Yes! I agree with this
  6. Kate

    Scribe Intern Applications - Opened

    Can’t wait to see some new faces on the Scribe team! Please consider applying, it’s a lot of fun and we’d love to have you on the wiki team! ❤️
  7. Kate

    Grounds Keeper Applications

    Good luck to everyone applying! GK is super fun and the team is amazing! Can't wait to see some new faces on the Dev team! :D
  8. Kate

    New Head of Griffin

    CONGRATS SYSTER!! I've had a blast being in Griffin with you the last couple of years, and I am so excited to see you in this position! Griffins forever! :griffin::heart:
  9. Kate

    New Hub

  10. Kate

    [GUIDE] Forum Rank System

    True! I'll change that now thank you :)
  11. Kate

    [GUIDE] Forum Rank System

    Update! Congrats to @Aurora for becoming the first Potterworld Legend! I've added the title along with the message count to the list now.
  12. Kate


  13. Kate

    Declined Remove/Change Wiz PE

    Hey, thanks for your suggestion. I do have to agree with @luckiestblock on this one, WizPE is actually a very popular class, and completely removing it would be disappointing for not only the students that attend it, but also the Professors that enjoy teaching it. Instead of suggesting removing...
  14. Kate

    Werewolf Fundraiser Media Competition Winners

    Congrats to all of the winners, and wonderful job to everyone who participated in the competition. The art looks amazing!
  15. Kate

    Discord Improvements

    This is awesome! :)
  16. Kate

    Thoughts and Actions on our current world…

    Thank you Jay for this heartfelt message. I think I can speak for everyone when saying that Potterworld truly is a second home for us, and has always been a place where we can be ourselves unapologetically. I’m very glad that this is being addressed, and that we are making sure everyone...
  17. Kate

    [GUIDE] Forum Rank System

    Update: Changed Transformo to Animorphus to match the new lore term! :cool:
  18. Kate

    Declined Hunger Bar redundant

    Hey Petrus! I agree that the hunger bar is not used most of the time, but as of now you can still lose hunger in housing! Therefore, this would have to be changed before any changes are made to the hunger bar. I agree that during gameplay it doesn't serve much purpose, though. Thanks for your...