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  1. sara astrial

    January 2023 Sledding Tournament Sign-Up

    sarabbg :serpent: LittleI :serpent:
  2. sara astrial

    love u jen jen

    love u jen jen
  3. sara astrial

    Declined Tilly Statue in New Arena Halls

    THATS WHAT IM SAYING! tilly pw legend!
  4. sara astrial

    June 2022 Star Racing Tournament Sign-Up

    ateleir :raven:
  5. sara astrial

    April 2022 Flying Tournament Sign-Up

    sillysara :raven: and foirie :honeybadger:
  6. sara astrial

    February 2022 Dueling Tournament Sign-Up

    sqrra (serpent) jennrawr (raven) cczz (raven)
  7. sara astrial

    Declined Loadouts Changes

    so true!
  8. sara astrial

    Completed Rejoin option for Gauntlets

    I totally agree with this idea! Thank you cczz!! :)
  9. sara astrial


    thx marmitemira
  10. sara astrial


    testing 1 2 3
  11. sara astrial

    Assistant to Head of Build

    Congrats Shira!!
  12. sara astrial

    On-Hold The Chamber of Mysteries - A New Side-Quest!

    This sounds super cool! I think it would be a great addition. :)
  13. sara astrial

    omg hey chrissshock

    omg hey chrissshock
  14. sara astrial


    wow! that's so cute i need to get one!!!
  15. sara astrial

    Declined Furbies!

    I'm here to support this for Chivi and Dani, so yes! Furbies.