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  1. Sunnya

    Anniversary Event Competition Winners

    With all competition voting concluded, we are ready to announce the winners of the 6th Anniversary Event Competitions! Before listing the winners we'd like to thank everyone for participating. There were many fantastic stories, poems, and skins and it was difficult for our judge's to pick their...
  2. Sunnya

    What is everyone's favorite mythical beast?

    My favorite would have to be a Niffly 100%! They are so cute and funny (especially in the Fantastic Beasts movies)!
  3. Sunnya

    Would you rather?

    I would rather shapeshift because there's so much to shift into. Would you rather join the Media department or the Community Management department? (Choose wisely ;))
  4. Sunnya

    Think Of A Word

  5. Sunnya

    Where did you get the idea for your in-game name?

    My name is actually Sunnya in real life, so I thought it would just be easier to make it my IGN as well! :heart: Love this thread by the way! It's nice seeing how everyone's IGNs came to be.
  6. Sunnya

    Anniversary Event Competition Update

    Hello everyone! Thank you to all who submitted to our skin and writing competitions! We're excited to begin the voting period for the skin competition's Fan Favorite award! From now until the 15th of June at 12pm PST, all players will be able to vote for their top two skins. There has been a...
  7. Sunnya


  8. Sunnya

    New Spell

    We actually are not removing a majority of the spells. After hearing player feedback we made some changes which you can read about here. There are only 8 spells that will be removed with Revelius. :D
  9. Sunnya

    Completed Death Effects

    Hello, Thank you for your suggestion! We have just added three new allegiance death effects to our store today. I will be marking this thread as complete now. Have a great day, Sunnya
  10. Sunnya

    Completed Allegiance Wand Enhancements

    Hello, Thank you for your suggestion! We have just added the Phoenix Wand Enhancement to our store today. I will be marking this thread as complete now. Have a great day, Sunnya
  11. Sunnya

    Completed Fix Sonic Device 11 wand appearance texture

    Hello, Thank you so much for making this thread. I'm so sorry that it hasn't been fixed sooner. I've reached out to Droobledore and he has just fixed the texturing issue. The fix isn't live just yet, but it will be soon! Have a great day, Sunnya
  12. Sunnya

    Completed Serpent Staff

    Hello, I'm responding to this thread to let you know that this issue has been resolved! Thank you for making this thread and reaching out to us. Have a great day, Sunnya
  13. Sunnya

    Completed Add a Heart Emoji/Emoticon on the Website

    Hello, Thank you so much for your suggestion! As you can see, we have added a heart emoticon that everyone can use on the forums. Have a great day, Sunnya
  14. Sunnya

    Declined More Instruments

    Hello, Thank you so much for your suggestion! While adding more instruments would be nice, we sadly will not be adding more for the time being. The sounds included in the resource pack have a large file size. We would not want to add much more of these .ogg files as it may make it harder for...
  15. Sunnya

    Revelius Q&A - Feedback Response

    Gold will still be used in many ways! You will need it for gear, buying Fire Dust, buying items from events, and you can use it to buy any materials/mob drops you'd need for quests or professions.
  16. Sunnya

    Revelius Q&A - Feedback Response

    The update will still release on July 4th as planned! :D
  17. Sunnya

    Declined The Seer Team

    Hello, The level requirement is set to 65 because we want to ensure all possible members of the team have the necessary experience & knowledge of the server. Those who have played the server for a long period of time and have a higher level often times have a better understanding of the server...
  18. Sunnya

    Declined Bloodline Update

    Hello, As stated in the Revelius Update Q&A, Bloodlines will be in their entirety. The reason for this being that we've noticed that it confuses many of our new players and we don't want to make content that is gated. As we won't be making any new updates/gameplay for Bloodlines, I will be...
  19. Sunnya

    Declined Fix some hats in the store

    Hello, I'm sorry that you had to go through the trouble of changing your skin to work with the glasses. Sadly, we cannot change the positioning of the glasses as it would not be fair to those who have already bought it. We also won't be able to make a copy of the same glasses with different...