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  1. Joel Crestello

    Ship and boat rides to islands

    I'm not sure if this is already a thing but it would be cool to add boats around Wigtown and Gnollberg Port which can take you to Ireland and Greenshore Harbour for a small fee. It would make travelling more effective and realistic. Not sure if this is already a thing but would be cool nonetheless.
  2. Joel Crestello

    Promoters/shopkeepers in villages

    It would be cool to have promoters in villages around the world. It would make it more realistic and fun, giving people another purpose to travel around. If one location becomes really popular and you place a promoter there (sell mob loot from locations near that village) you can benefit from that.
  3. Joel Crestello

    Repairing Greenshore/Dragon Facility.

    It would be really cool to have dynamically changing towns, it would make the world feel much more alive! I can see this happening because of events or during big updates. For this town especially, it would be fun to have an event where the dragons have escaped the facility and went around the...
  4. Joel Crestello

    Under Review A new role for those who love RP and those who love the server!

    Hey, thank you for your suggestion. In the past, we in fact had a non seer participate in official roleplay as an official character. In the roleplay team we constantly discuss the possibility of including non staff and non seers into the roleplay, although it is quite a difficult topic. The...
  5. Joel Crestello

    Hollow Housing + Efficiency 5, Silk Touch 1 tools

    I agree with the first suggestion, definitely easy to do and I don't see a point in not doing it. However, the second suggestion may be a bit difficult - but I'm no dev expert,
  6. Joel Crestello

    Roleplay - Ministry Attack Live Event

    A great battle awaits! Join the Dark Followers and Phoenixes as they march into the Ministry of Magicians on Saturday 20th June, 12pm PST in an attempt to get rid of its corruption and Shakti once and for all.
  7. Joel Crestello

    Declined Player Profile inventory item

    either looking like the head of the player or a completely different item, this would be something the player can have in their inventory which can be used as a shortcut to the /me menu. yes it's easy just to type /me but with an item it can be much smoother
  8. Joel Crestello

    Under Review Graduation Room

    I love this idea so much, not only do I see no problem in this being a thing but it adds to the realism and makes graduating a much bigger achievement.
  9. Joel Crestello

    Will We Ever Get "Jobs" For Post-Graduation Fun?

    Just out of curiosity, what would you like for a 'job' to be and to entail? It's best if suggestions that involve gameplay actually suggest how it can be done and what it includes - it would give others a much better idea of what you're thinking!
  10. Joel Crestello

    Revelius and Ingredients

    Yes, it is rather simple to do but would be very time-consuming and tedious due to the number of material items we have and we simply do not have enough time. It may also be exploited as players may stock up on low-level items which are easy to get for them to get an abundance of money after...
  11. Joel Crestello

    Revelius and Ingredients

    Talking from a technical standpoint - I do not think there is enough time to go through and make every single item turn into a level-specific loot bag. Plus by doing this you're practically taking away gameplay and giving yourself less things to do. I personally think it would be more fun to...
  12. Joel Crestello

    New Spell

    not really, if it put a random spell on its full cooldown it would be powerful to some extent. imagine hitting someone with it and their vulnamendius goes on that really long cooldown
  13. Joel Crestello

    Change how Revelius works.

    agree anyway this does sound cool, could give it more use instead of being niche
  14. Joel Crestello

    Roleplay - Destruction of the Bases

    The two Allegiance bases have been attacked! They were destroyed beyond repair and have forced all the members to evacuate. Players may venture into the bases to retrieve hidden items and exchange them for new collectables - though be careful! Check out the newest Daily Diviner Breaking News...
  15. Joel Crestello

    Declined Add a World Where Pvp is Always Enabled

    In the discord voice chat after the qna 'ended', Flip mentioned something that is similar to this. In some locations (where there are a lot of mobs and herbology plants, etc) there could be a warp to an exact copy of that location. There players can get more loot and more exp, but are in danger...
  16. Joel Crestello

    Say something true about the person above you.

    TPAM is the sister of my besti!
  17. Joel Crestello

    omg the food is going to SPOIL

    omg the food is going to SPOIL
  18. Joel Crestello

    [SIZE=5][FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=rgb(212, 87, 160)]The air around the Base feels colder than...

    [SIZE=5][FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=rgb(212, 87, 160)]The air around the Base feels colder than usual...[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  19. Joel Crestello

    Completed Efficiency Enchanted Pickaxes

    There should also be other efficiency pickaxes for higher prices, it still takes ages to clear stuff out with the normal efficiency
  20. Joel Crestello

    On-Hold More decoration heads

    This is a good idea! I'd also like to see some additions to the head store, I hope we can get some new ones in the future :)