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  1. gospojken

    Festive Store Releases

    Greetings, witches and wizards, Can you hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring tingle tingling? With the holiday season upon us, the Festive Store Releases are here! Celebrate the Winter Waltz at École du Monde Occulte by treating yourself to one of these spectacular new items. Why not join in...
  2. gospojken

    Black Friday Sale

    Greetings, witches and wizards! November is almost over, and we are soon approaching many exciting holidays. That being said, the Store team is thrilled to announce an end-of-November sale for 2023, our Black Friday Sale! We offer up to 50% off on all items except the New Releases category...
  3. gospojken

    Voting Store Update

    Greetings, witches and wizards, The Store team has been hard at work and is thrilled to announce the Voting Store Update! We have several new features and many improvements to share. Let’s take a deep dive into this update! Maintain your voting streak and claim streak packs! Claim your...
  4. gospojken

    October 2023 Hidden Coupon

    Greetings, witches and wizards! We are excited to announce the release of this month's hidden coupon! Taking inspiration from past gameplay, we are releasing one hidden gift card/coupon around our world today. This gift card can only be obtained by one lucky player and is hidden well. It is...
  5. gospojken

    How can i play on xbox

    Hello, @simply.jonsci, Thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, you can only join with a premium (purchased) Minecraft: Java Edition account. If you want to play and have access to such an account, you can connect to the IP play.potterworldmc.com. We support any version between 1.10 and...
  6. gospojken

    Halloween Store Releases

    Greetings, witches and wizards, As a spectral invasion draws closer to the citizens of Riddleyard, an eerie fog lies on the horizon. Prepare yourself for the spooky season with the return of our Halloween Store Releases! With such a magical range of items, why not get some explosive Pumpkin...
  7. gospojken

    Head of Academics

    Congratulations, Ariel!! I am excited to see you in this new position! :honeybadger:
  8. gospojken

    Java goes Not responding when im trying to join (mac) 1.13

    Greetings, @gothsforbams, I am sorry to hear you have been facing issues! I believe I saw you in-game earlier with seemingly no issues anymore. However, if you still need help with this, I recommend checking out our Technical Difficulties FAQ...
  9. gospojken

    Wand Lore Expansion

    Hello, @Deathlish, The Wand Lore token allows you to change the lore of your wand, meaning what is seen when hovering over it. You can combine any of the wand woods and cores. This is purely cosmetic, so it does not alter the behaviour of your wand. I hope that clarifies it, and please let us...
  10. gospojken

    Butterbrew Store Releases

    Greetings, witches and wizards! Autumn is approaching, and we can soon finally celebrate the Butterbrew Festival! That said, the Store team is thrilled to announce the Butterbrew Store Releases! This includes our regular seasonal butterbrew-themed items, a brand-new seasonal item, and a new...
  11. gospojken

    Missing spell

    Hello, @you-r-cool, I am sorry you cannot find your spells! As mentioned above, I recommend hitting your drop key (usually q) with your spell inventory open. This should reveal your second hotbar. Your spells are likely on a different spell page if they are not in the second hotbar. You can...
  12. gospojken

    Harvest Store Releases

    Greetings, witches and wizards! We are excited to unveil the Harvest Store Releases! Join the summer and autumn vibes with a range of fresh new items, including beautiful pets, a bright broom, and the cutest new hat to show off! We can't wait to see these in style this month! Our full list of...
  13. gospojken

    Tropical Store Releases

    Aloha, witches and wizards! Grab your flip-flops, slip into your favourite shirt, and let the tropical vibes take you to an endless paradise with the new Tropical Store Releases! This new release offers an array of tropical-themed items, so let's dive deeper to see what they are! Vine Crown...
  14. gospojken

    House Cup June 2023

    Congratulations, Serpents! Well done!
  15. gospojken

    Missing spell

    Hello, @noorgee, I am sorry to hear you are missing your spell! Usually, there is one of two reasons why a spell is not visible in your spell inventory. The first reason is when it is in your second hotbar. You can hit your drop key (q by default) to access this. Otherwise, it is likely to be...
  16. gospojken

    my quest window is so big pfft

    Hello, @navishere, Thank you for bringing up your question! What I believe you are talking about is the scoreboard. You can resize this scoreboard by changing the GUI scale in your Minecraft video settings. If you want to remove it, type /me in chat and click "settings". This will open a GUI...