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  1. Magma

    Patch 1.9.1 Magic Changes [February 2nd 2024]

    okay next patch add 40 concurrent players
  2. Magma

    Duplicate Add a time leaderboard to Gauntlet

    this is probably a stupid idea
  3. Magma

    april fools

    april fools
  4. Magma

    Declined reset 1v1 arena leaderboards

    deeply disappointed as always
  5. Magma

    Completed option to turn off player visibility in flying

    i no longer play this server
  6. Magma

    Ordle Scores!

  7. Magma

    Arena Expansion Update

    So cool I can't wait to tell Tilly, Max, Kry, Celeste, Quack, and Jason oh wait :(
  8. Magma

    Under Review Leveling - Then vs Now

    Potterworld AC reflects the inflated US housing market despair
  9. Magma

    Gameplay Update 1.7.2 [August 20th 2022]

    holy mackrel
  10. Magma

    Gameplay Update 1.7.2 [August 20th 2022]

    i thought u were going to sleep
  11. Magma

    On-Hold Put a Fast Travel section in the Discoveries Journal

    first option only (Object tps between locations like the London train, Hogsworth boats, etc ) the other options don't need it imo
  12. Magma

    Housing Update

    double u
  13. Magma

    On-Hold Put a Fast Travel section in the Discoveries Journal

    There's enough fast travel locations for this small update to be worth adding, plus it's very convenient for players to have. It'd work the same as the other discoveries where it won't show up unless you've been to it.
  14. Magma

    f[FONT=Courier New]aaaauuuuuiiiiiooooo[/FONT]

    f[FONT=Courier New]aaaauuuuuiiiiiooooo[/FONT]
  15. Magma

    Declined Talent healing

    stupefy paralotum propulso expellimo apparate into their vulna accersio them out of vulna ventimus them out of vulna aquatimentum them out of vulna ANY AOE SPELL in their vulna
  16. Magma

    Feedback Gauntlets/Revelius feedback (wall of text jumpscare)

    I'm gonna preface this by saying this post was originally a reply to this thread about gauntlets and lacerum. I would suggest you read it because it has some info abt the playrates of gauntlets that are important to know to understand why gauntlets did not have a successful implementation into...
  17. Magma

    Completed Love, Lace and Death

    I don't think they'll be able to improve the play rates of Gauntlets at all, but I'd like to be surprised. Without motivation theres no point to doing gauntlets. Possible motivators: Spells (like ur lacerum idea), Cosmetics, Gold, XP, Gear Spells and Cosmetics are one time things and aren't...
  18. Magma

    Completed Raccoon pet

    i feel as though this idea has struck a deep core within inside of myself withing me and i do also agree with the fact thats your suggestion has allowed me to perceive